Mahatma’s Message 911


2nd JAN 2008, Post the 2007 year end channeling circle at Basic Essence. In the channeling we had Tricia with us who asked why is Mahatma NOT coming to us, in my sleep as always how Higher forces work with me ,I slept with it in my mind to consciously connect to that question and get an answer , I was taken to a dimension of Mahatma and the SOURCE .I was reminded by MAHATMA about the channelings at (basic essence Holland village) that by the end of the year 2007 we will have no masters coming through to help us , as we all have to be masters and behave in complete power of our own energy and that is GOD ,SUPREME FORCE, CREATOR ,YHVH.

Few word from me to all of U I was made to experience a different mode of accessing higher wisdom I was in full awareness and consciousness and had to reach MY energies to those reaches of consciousness that I wished to have access to. In this I was being guided and directed by Mahatma (it is called by ancient sciences TURIYA state of consciousness It was as if I was going towards unity; consciousness and unity. The vision that I was being given is the whole aspect of the starburst: the starburst, which is from the Source, spreading into billions of aspects of light, colour and mass and then all unifying again. It’s exactly that, so-called Ascension

What I was being made to do was to experience the kind of meetings we will have from 2008. Gradually, MAHATMA was removing its energies and forcing me to reach up higher to its energy force and as I was doing this, I felt releasing debris, I felt myself getting far larger than I ever thought I’d be and I was completely conscious(GODSELF); even as I was expanding limitlessly, Mahatma was slowly moving even further and further away.


Mahatma said to me the next time we meet, in 2008, our energies will not be in the Earth grid at all. I have also been doing lots of GRID work for planet earth, this is my soul mission in this lifetime, kosmic beings worked with me in the sleep and wakeful state to heal and align the earth’s grid , today the earth is fully repaired and recalibrated to the  Dodecahedron shape.

I smiled because Mahatma told me that channeling is the greatest form of self-indulgence. It is when I indulge in my lower self that I need a master energy to reduce its vibrations in order to facilitate my own. This is another humbling thought that, in fact, all mediums are completely self-indulgent because then you are claiming that you are a medium, a channel, only a channel, through which a higher vibratory energy can access you. I indulge then in my negative ego state; completely and utterly self-indulgent.

When I was forced, as I was after the work on the 2nd night , even as I write this to you all, I am growing larger where I now have to access the energy that I wish to access, then there is self-empowerment and I am not feeling at all like MAHATMA right now. I am feeling so completely and beautifully METHE GOD-GODDESS

I was aware that should I at that moment in my sleep not wish to access Mahatma’s energies; I could stop at my will. This state of consciousness is self-empowerment where now my own master has no power or control over me. And what mastery do they have that they are training me to stop themselves from controlling me?

I know, as I experienced, what is self-empowerment and not once, in all these years of channeling, did I feel this powerful as I was experiencing, What I felt was that , my Divine Will, my will to stop whenever I wish. SOURCE is the will that is so powerful that it knows what to do always. It is only when you experience this that you will know what was being said of self-indulgence, where I now know that will is completely different from desire; that power is completely different from arrogance and that, as I write , I am aware that I have flaws as a human being but they just do not matter.

For all those who do energy work, this is the only way you will channel from hence forth. If you claim, in 2008, to be channeling in any other way, you will be lying, first to yourself, and then to others, for no energy will come through you, none but your own.


Let me share a few things that were solid reasons for me to believe why I should take up this call, We were told again and again over the shift is due, it was there in some of our writings, the other sign was the I wanted to call my company TURIYA in June 2007 when Shri Ji thought it would be better to keep it something universal that all people can relate to and so we named it KOSMIC FUSION . Since then there was a movement for me from being the soul catalyst to becoming the kosmic wisdom that will fuse all together into ONENESS and UNITY.

On the 1st Jan we were sitting on the east coast and at around 11.11 pm Shri Ji showed me a powerful whitish silverish disc moving in the infinity pattern, we decided to connect to it and found a strong kosmic connection on our crown and root chakra simultaneously. As they say the inner guide is always in commune with the creator’s powers.

Also yesterday the 3rd January 2008 my daughter Devanshi joined me in Singapore; she was flying on the 2nd Jan night and was giddy with tremendous energy infusion as I was simultaneously expanding myself that night.  Devanshi is born on the 13th September 1992 (13=4, 9=9, 1992=21/3 = 7) She is my own parallel self living with me in this dimension my birthday is 3rd April 1971 (3+4+1971=9 = 7) we both have the same numerals in our birthday just placed differently 3+4+9= 7, 4+9+3 =7  also astrologically I have SOUTH NODE in my first house and NORTH NODE in the 7th house, she has NORTH NODE in the first house and SOUTH NODE in the 7th house .

One more thing that happened on the 3rd Jan while I was leaving the quarantine station where our lovely dog Vowdoo is kept before he can live in our home here (rules of the AVA). I twisted my left ankle, I know all this indicates I have to move forward whether you all are with me or not, I am certain that many of you will not want to agree to the fact that masters have left so that we can become the human angels eventually leading to become GODSELF in the coming golden age.

My wisdom about the experience and what I intend to manifest for all of us in this year 2008 is to come together for the meditation on the 9th of January 2008 Wednesday to do the exercise that MAHATMA did with me in order to become ONE with the SOURCE, I invite you all to come for this meditation-exercise and claim your GODHOOD again without any fear and pretence within you. This is for one and all, those who have attended the channelings and those have never come, this is the last channeling circle, where I will get in link and channel, as after that I Will speak as a master myself and share what comes to me intuitively on the subject that we all decide to have a discourse on, It will be a celebration and discourse of GODS-GODDESSES. For me we are moving from non-energy (pure energy) to manifested energy (form-matter) to pure energy again. We are not just the highest potentials of the powerful masters and archangels we are them. We are one energy …join me in the wonderful kosmic dance of oneness and unity.

As we write this to you, OUR hearts are full of joy because we have you in our life. Our heart sings…We must have done something good!!

We see us in your eyes

We hear us in your heart beat

We feel us in your embrace

WE are because YOU ARE, YOU ARE, YOU ARE!


 In service to you always

 WE embrace you in deep love and power

Sree Maa Shri Ji