The year has become 2008, but the clock still ticks the 12 hours cycle, two times a day, if digital then blinks 00:00 to 23:59 .The whole earth is moving into a specific galactic photon band zone a high cosmic energy zone!

We wish the powerful cosmic force from the source to bring into your lives and the world around you the manifestations that you deserve. Focus more on the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS and little on the law of attraction level things…..material comforts will follow if the soul is well nourished and taken care of ….u don’t need any universe to conspire to bring things in your life by your cosmic ordering (law of attraction) AS YOU ARE THE CREATOR-CO-CREATOR …all will be manifested easily and effortlessly if the Christ consciousness is awakened and you will become the incarnated CHRIST or KRISNA ….JESHUA, YESU, ISHU ……. All names have originated from the world ISHWAR= SUPREME CONTROLLER, DIVINE CREATOR, LORD Etc

In The year 1999 (1+9+9+9= 28=10 =1) All fellow light workers, light warriors, light bearers and light givers begin their journey towards the Christ Consciousness, as the 999(27) is the number of the completions, we all completed the cosmic test in 2007 (2+0+0+7=27)) and when reversed is the most feared 666(6+6+6= 18 =9) the number of the beast. 18 is the moon card in the tarot. It represents the unconscious and the subconscious ,all your fears issues and challenges that you can identify or cannot see is in this forbidden self  (so the last 9 years were the time to release, heal, forgive the lamb and the lion within.

This year 2008 (2+0+0+8= 28=10=1) empowered by the divinity (00) within itself is for Christ consciousness –love – empathy- compassion –kindness which is what the manifestation year should be all about, my mail is to remind you the contract you make consciously or unconsciously or supra-consciously, so now that you all have received tremendous guidance and support through powerful teachers, trainers, guides and mentors.

It is time to acknowledge the SELF that you truly are, divine and almighty. Come share that vibrant spark of yours to everyone around you. Take the opportunity to be heard and seen, do not hide behind the shades, and let the world know your light. EACH one of us is a mighty divine being. So come in the front and lead side by side …no more following the commands. The prophets did their job, now we are on our own.

Cosmic mastery means to be the one ,which is the reason for the whole of creation to exist …take your power , hold your head high and once you do that never turn to anyone for validation or acceptance ,…you are and so the universe is . talk ,walk and be the master of all the creation, take the responsibility of becoming the leader and pledge that as a leader you will not manipulate the innocent, ignorant souls who may be beginning their journey towards awakening from this year ……cosmos has its own rules and laws……………you abide the ones you know and let the others abide by the ones that they think they know ….IT IS the time for the lamb and the lion to walk side by side . That is being the tender-kind lion ….ego in check can bring manifestations in your world like magic….

New moon on the 8th of January 2008 (8+1+1=10) is the right time to start consciously intending and doing creative visualizations. Your time to turn the wheels begins with the cosmic force of your heart…..