Kosmic Satsang with SreeMaaShriJi – 27th November 2016

Namaste Dear 5D++ Pulsars,
As promised, here is the video recording of our Kosmic Satsang held on 27th November 2016:

SreeMaaShriJi answered some of the most general questions all seekers have at some point in time or other during their spiritual evolution. Please enjoy the discourse with some amazing analogies which ranged from Abstract to Absolute:

  • Who are we?
  • Where do we come from & where are we going?
  • Death & Suicide


  • Please check your registered email for password to this video, in case you are uncertain then please email us at info@KosmicFusion.com
  • The video is available till 7th of December.


The next online Kosmic Satsang is scheduled for 10th December 2016 at 4pm Dubai time, please follow below link to Register Now:



Kosmic Fusion Team