MBS Melbourne November 2013 Testimonials

A great sense of Peace & Oneness. A deep relaxation into Peace warmth. The shift of energy throughout my body. Subtle shifts in energy, All in all amazing!

Elise Mcmillan

Kosmic Wings

Very intense! Waves of intense energy surging through my body, pulling from my feet through to my head; Very uplifting, almost orgasmic.

 Thank you



Kosmic Wings

Very calming & peaceful



Kosmic Wings

Felt the acute pain of separation in the body. How do I find my very home. That was then the Love and the Light.

 What I received was the thing that we fear the most which is that You and which is Nothing. For that makes source – Everything and Nothing

 What I experienced was Source


Kosmic Wings


I felt my body vibrating the whole time and then a sense of weightlessness. I would definitely try this again

James Trevisan


Kosmic Wings


Such a beautiful experience. When I sat down and closed my eyes. I felt scrunched up and compentating for my right side. By the end I felt straight and centered. Just amazing 🙂

Lana Collins


Kosmic Wings


It was a calming and relaxing experience. I felt cold on the shoulder at first. It took me some time to relax, my eyes were blinking a lot. Towards the end I felt total relaxation

Annick Ollivier


Kosmic Wings


I felt a strong tingling sensation around my left ear/neck/shoulder. I felt heat running through my hands and up through my face and nose. I felt that it was hard to accept the enrgy completely but towards the end the warmth and tingling was too hard to resist. I felt as that I was painting. I felt the music was guiding and adapting around my experience. Afterwards I felt lighted in my head and calming & not on my neck and ear is still hot & pulsating

Emelie Nevens


Kosmic Wings


The experience was that my senses were magnified. My hearing, it was like I could hear many conversations at the same time.

 I had several visions as well. Very relaxing


Kosmic Wings


Lightness, heat coming through my body, floating, tingling, awareness, sensitivity & Clarity – All at once



Kosmic Wings


Heavy shoulders, calm & positive

Stephanie Buck

Kosmic Wings


Total relaxation, hot and cold. Feeling of being touched, energized and lightness

Lee Mcconchie


Kosmic Wings


The healing made me smile and laugh to connect with more positive – angels.

 I received some channelled information for my life.

 Dark beings that have been attacking to me said, I forgive you to me…they left for now.

 The healing is in my head, temple and on my third eye. I could feel the light work.

 Thank you



Kosmic Wings


Completely overwhelmed with this passing of energy. I was left with such a pulsing sensation throughout my entire self.




Kosmic Wings


Warmth, calm, complete, wholeness, darknness, stillness & pulsating

Catherine Keely


Kosmic Wings 

The healer was amazing and I felt vibrations and movement of temperature and energy flowing through myself at difference places.

Thank you. Excellent

Sue Smith

 Kosmic Wings

Drifting and lifting to calming experience that I feel with a different flow of energy after the healing. Thank you once again

Maria Wantenaar

 Kosmic Wings

Profound! Thank you.

I felt myself slip into another place, like a trance or meditation. Close to hypnosis 🙂

 All noise was gone except for the tribal and moving music that become louder. At one point was making deep blue an purple colors dance behind my eyelids.

 I felt like I was levitating – floating and could feel different parts of my body as they healed (warm/liquid feeling)

 And as I came back to reality all noises surrounding me were clearer than before.


 Kosmic Wings

Very different experience so far I have experienced.

Started as warm sensation and went all over body tingling but relaxing sensation – stil feel it on my left side. Whole experience is difficult to explain but feel “awakened” self.

 Thank you Kosmic Fusion® Team

Nimila Liyanage

 Kosmic Wings

Very calming experience. Felt energy vibration

Deb Richardson

 Kosmic Wings

I was drawn to this small. The experience was very serene & calming, leaving me relaxed, energized & restored


 Kosmic Wings

As first I felt very tensed in the heart area, lots of anxiety in that area. Then I began to feel as if I was out of my body. I felt pulsating of energy within my body. I felt as if I had gone somewhere else.

I felt extremely sensitive and then relaxation was overwhelming.

 I feel so calm, happy & Free now.

Thank you!


 Kosmic Wings

Very calming experience. Dont know what to think but it feels good.

Thank you

Sofie De Vesse

 Kosmic Wings

I had the most beautiful feeling running through me. Very Nice.

Thank you x

Toran Wright

 Kosmic Wings

Very beautiful, white light stretching my entire body. Very moving.

Cassandra Atkinson

 Kosmic Wings

Felt energy through the heart, relaxing. It was warm through my body


 Kosmic Wings

Felt some touching on my head and body expanding


 Kosmic Wings

It was a very calm & soothing experience. I do feel more chilled out than before & energized.

Thank you


 Kosmic Wings

I found the experience to be quite energizing, very fulfilling

Rita Taho

Kosmic Wings

Quite relaxed through this session, felt energy transferred in a calmed state when leaving. Felt tranced right through the session


 Kosmic Wings

Heat and energy around the shoulders, neck and head, then intense cold, slightly nausea as if releazing old negative emotions, then heat from the head to the legs.

 Finally felt calmness and heat


Kosmic Wings

Saw lots of colours and heat.

 Felt light then felt going deeper. The healers hands were pulsing a lot of energy

Rhonda Sayers

Kosmic Wings

Amazing feeling, very refreshed and I loved it.

Thank you so much

Simone Dess

Kosmic Wings

I had a headache prior to the session, which went away during the session


Kosmic Wings

I was feeling very warm and was a lot more relaxed throughout the session


Kosmic Wings

Pretty good and very hot


Kosmic Wings

Felt very heavy and strange, then felt like someone was touching my shoulder but no one was. Felt like I was there but not there. Felt very strange though

Emma Redman

Kosmic Wings

Fabulous, relaxing and amazing experience. I would recommend it to everyone. IT is something everyone should experience within their lives.

 Thank you & Blessings


Kosmic Wings

Felt a gentle pushing over my shoulders to surrender. Bliss relaxations thoughts that ‘I can change’

Warm buzzing, love, gentleness.

 Thank you


Kosmic Wings

An amazing experience. Felt a sense of wholeness & bliss

Lina Croce

Kosmic Wings

The healing I received on friday, healed my head temple, removing dark entity attachment.

I received spiritual message for my life too and it removed attachments to 2 people I dont need.

The healing resonated on Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and today (Sunday).

My light body was happy, smiling and full of hope for all.

I came back today (Sunday) for another healing to help me. I could feel ascended master (Archangel Michael) with my healer too.

Sitting, writing, I can still feel its resonating further – The healing.

The pure light energy is amazing – feeling and seeing this energy makes me smile.

The first healing on Friday also showed me where  I need healing my body. Thank you


Kosmic Wings

That warm heat surrounding my body. Felt relaxed, would like to experience it again. I feel very calm after this experience


Kosmic Wings

I felt muscles tensing and relaxing and deep relaxation towards the end.


Kosmic Wings


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