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“The 0 – 7 experience with Kosmic Fusion® ™ opened the door to something so large, so original and so transformative that I truly have difficulty finding the right words. I felt and watched the “grid” that acts like prison bars on all of us, drop away from me.All I can say is WOW! 0 – 7 with Kosmic Fusion® ™ .


No words yet to describe this momentous 2 day/all night event. Searching for some adequate description I can share. The world sure looks different today!

Past events that used to have a “charge” on them became neutralized, and the expansion that ensued, the vibrant pulse of the Universe began to take its rightful place.

Imagine chains around your entire being on all levels that suddenly and effortlessly drop away – that is the experience of Kosmic Fusion® ™ .

And when the training ended, incredibly the transformation continued. The power of the experience is truly endless.

If you value your freedom this is the experience for you.”

Patricia Baker-Massachusetts, USA

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“Just wanted to thank you again for the amazing energy and connection I experienced in your 5D transformational workshop. Even though guides & Angels urged me to participate, I had know preconceived idea of what would occur or shift in my energy field. As a Reiki Master and intuitive, I do lots of distance energy work for clients. I worked on my first client two days after the workshop and still am in awe of how my vision of the work and my connection shifted. Not only was it crystal clear, but my connection was plugged right into source. Amazingly, the clients leg pain, which he has received nerve block treatment for several years, cleared immediately!

He has contacted me several times this week and believes it was a miracle! He feels so blessed to be released from this horrible condition. Blessings to you Sree Maa for being the catalyst that will propel humanity to source and clear pain on all levels across the planet.

Yours in Light,
-Helene O. Boston area, Massachusetts USA

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“My gratitude to Sree Maa and Shri Ji for the amazing two days of all the absolute mind blowing knowledge shared by them, for their love and energy to bring this work down for us to celebrate. I enjoyed every moment of the two day course, and listened to each word that was so profound. I enjoyed meeting so many beautiful people and I feel a huge love connection with you all. My love and blessings to Sree Maa and Shri Ji and you all for the most amazing Kosmic Fusion® ™ workshop I have ever done. I feel so much love, joy and celebration, thank you thank you thank you.”
– Diana P, Sydney-Australia

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“The other thing that I have noticed with myself is that I can feel love again on a huge scale. I didn’t know that I was partially blocked until after the session. I am feel a huge huge connection with my son whom I couldn’t connect with before. All I want to do now is to hug him and be in his energy because it is an amazing energy and I didn’t feel that before and it is humbling and wonderful and brought tears to my eyes. That for 5 and 1/2 years of his life, I didn’t give him the best of me because of this blockage is hard to accept, but it is there now and I am constantly near him. He has a huge huge love energy that is so beautiful and vibrant. I am also much calmer and not as erratic. Thank you again, I thank you for my connection with my son. ( I could cry now just writing this)”
-Tina S., Sydney-Australia

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“Dearest Sree Maa,

I just thought about you today, and I guess I haven’t thanked you enough for how much you have given Swapan and I. I see things more positively, feel so free and light. I thank the universe for the things I have and don’t worry as much because I know I am very blessed and things which are happening to me are meant to be and to accept and let go. This transformation in me is all thanks to you.

Since we got to know you and Shri Ji and the work you both do, being a part of it has brought so much change in us as a couple and in me as an individual. We meeting you both is meant to be. This email is an appreciation and a show of gratitude from me to you both for changing our lives and awakening us to our higher selves. The gift you have given us is priceless.
-Prasana, Dubai-UAE

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“Since i have completed “0-7 sessions”, “Kosmic Absolute”, and “TranScEnDeNcE 8-12” Workshops i am feeling SUPER ENERGETIC, a deeper sense of well being, less anxious, I am way more patient with my two young boys and actually listening to what they are saying instead of drifting off to my world when I am spoken too, FOCUSED. I am also dreaming dreams which are coming true. Not sure if this is the deal .. but it has happened three times since last weekend when i completed the “TranScEnDeNcE 8-12″workshop. Pretty amazing actually perhaps handy too hehe.

I am more in tune with trusting my intuition.

My diet has been more focused on clearing out unhealthy chemicals and replacing with nutritious food as this is what i have been attempting for a few years and it all seems easier.
-Heidi Lee Warta, Sydney-Australia

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“I feel and immense gratitude since got the opportunity to find Kosmic Fusion® ™ . I have gone through all the processes of initiation, transformation and transcendence and in simple words it’ has been for me the process in which I’ve been able to clear and heal my body of anything that obstructs the inner light that we hold and be in connection with the inner source. thanks to this and the activations I am and being able to emit this beautiful healing frequency, the Quantum Vortex 24/7 helping me to continually heal myself at very deep levels and heal those around me without doing anything. Sometimes I just place my hands on my friends and let the Quantum Vortex act by itself, which regularly most of them experience deep peace and sometimes fall asleep.

Since I did my first session with Kosmic Fusion® ™ I have been able to heal fears from childhood, depression, Anxiety dissorder and ADHD and now I feel just deep inner peace that I easily hold regardless of where I am or which situation I am facing at the moment and believe me they have been really challenging, no kidding!. Another aspect it is that I freed myself of judgements about others and myself.

I wanted to encourage people at least to have a deeper look and have the opportunity to experience the energy by themselves with anybody part of Kosmic Fusion® ™ and have a closer experience that speaks by itself. With so much gratitude!”
-Edgar, Sydney-Australia

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“Sharing the QVSWPP™ with others is nothing short of mindblowing and absolutely beautiful in my experience. You go beyond the mind with all its stories into a feeling of profound connection, love and stillness that literally puts a smile in your heart and on your face. I’m infinitely grateful for this Source signature unites us all into One!

The Transcendence sessions were eye-opening and off the charts. Feeling the love streaming out of our eyes, our wings activated, the energy emitting on all sides, being set free to fly once again in limitless expanse and receiving what I call the pure Grace of the Creator to shift out of egoic consciousness into the joyous rememberance and celebration of our true love nature, left me speechless in deep gratitude and humility.

Every single time you tune into this energy and allow yourself to be taken beyond the mind, the feelings of joy, love and pure bliss instantly return. I’ve never felt something so powerful!

Doing remote or Skype QVSWPP™ healings has been one of the most powerful experiences for me. The energy is instantly felt by the recipient, and the feeling of inter-connectedness, of oneness is so palpable with a sense of peace, joy and stillness in the heart that is beyond words.

To me his really illustrates the spatial (present everywhere all the time) and unifying nature of the QVSWPP™. Hearing the feedback from people after sessions, I also never cease to be completely humbled by the pure divine intelligence of this energy: it just knows exactly where it needs to go to instantly clear, align and activate.
In Love & Deep Gratitude,

-Ilya, Sydney-Australia

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“Everyday is amazing experience in Kosmic Fusion® ™ …Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse™ (QVSWPP™) is effortless. There is no need to take any Ayahuasca, medicine and drugs to Feel, Connect and Visualize Alpha Omega, Source, Supreme Being. It took me months 3 to 5 days in a week of dedication of Meditation, Yoga, Qi-Gong and Martial Arts to feel energies let alone heal and see energy. QVSWPP™ is instant activation, I am able to feel the miracle of the universe through me everyday the Pulsing Heart of the Galactic emitting 24/7 and feel the constant acupuncture of the Universe… My natural psychic ability had multiply in weeks.

It was not easy for me to meditate or feel peace and joy especially at work and daily environment. Through Kosmic Fusion® ™ QVSWPP™ I was able to meditate while I am driving in hectic rush hour, feel at peace, grounded at work and do visual healing 100 miles away. I am able to identify my Ego and be in control. I was able to stop my 15 years addiction to smoking cigarettes with no help of patches, chewing gums, laser or psycho drugs. I could Spin Quantum Vortex at will, Ride the Scalar Wave like a pro Surfer and Feel the Photon Pulse Pulsing in everything I touch…. I Feel, Experience and Connected to the Devine every moment within.

-Clarito Parsons, Sydney-Australia

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“What’s the meaning of life?” was the question I often asked myself from time to time, only in the past few years I realised “back to the Source” is the ultimate reason why we are here, but HOW? With the overwhelming prophecies about 2012 doomsday, ascension, etc. floating around, I was confused and looking for the answer desperately. When I found Kosmic Fusion® ™ , straight away I knew I found the golden key back to the Source – it’s just too good to be true!!

After complete the “0-7 sessions” of activations & initiations, “Kosmic Absolute” and the “TranScEnDeNcE 8-12” workshops, I am a totally reborn person! I feel lighter, peaceful, more aligned and energetic, meanwhile the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse™ (QVSWPP™), a signature of the Source from Zero-point is emitting from every cell of my body 24/7. It’s so powerful that I am instantly become a healer and able to send the holographic multi-dimentional energy to my family and friends.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Sree Maa & Shri Ji, the twin-ray couple for bringing the precious gifts to humanity and leading us back HOME. As above so below, am now immersed in the fountain of divine love and oneness, I feel like waiting for this moment for so long and very glad to have found you! Not only I find the answers in Kosmic Fusion® ™ but also be able to carry out the true meaning of life — helping people back to the Source. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

– Irene, Sydney-Australia
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“Wow!! Immediate energy rush, energising, relaxing and freeing. I am carrying a leg (achillesterdon knee injury) and felt the connection through my body to the sole of my foot.


Serene caring wave comes over you. Warm!

-Christine, Auckland-New Zealand

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“While enjoying listening to the sensible relaying of words to match the new current of energy enveloping the Earth – Sree Maa was able to guide participants into Feeling 3 Dimensional Energy blankets around them and to feel the density of these.
Consistently while talking Sree Maa was surrounded by a myriad of energy being who represent all levels of the Eloham and Christed consciousness also including many recent saints. For me to “see” these beings showed that the energy and words were from the Higest Realms of US.”

-Janine, Christchurch-New Zealand
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“Amazing electricity throughout the body and tingling sensations on the crown, palms ,ears and rush of discordant energy out from the feet…Definite release of bad garbage…”

-Pania (Holistic Fair 2012, Auckland, New Zealand)

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“Out of body travel ,felt like was gone for hours, feel lighter and more aware after the quantum pulse in the body..”

-Adam (Holistic Fair 2012, Auckland, New Zealand)

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“Went into two dream states, it was so relaxing and the way the energy felt in the body was awesome…(I FELT AWESOME!)”

-Maurois (Holistic Fair 2012, Auckland, New Zealand)

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“As a couple we felt a warm swirling feeling ,floating , wonderful lightness through both our bodies, Connecting with each other’s souls made us burst with bliss throughout ourselves ..”

-Gail and Marama (Holistic Fair 2012, Auckland, New Zealand)
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“I felt my 3-D body in Sree Maa’s session this morning at the talk. I felt a healing calmness in my body and energy passing through me as if i was not there, because of the 11 min session with her , i signed up for a full 45 session there and then.”

-Marlyan, Howick. (Holistic Fair 2012, Auckland, New Zealand)
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“I had a lovely relaxing healing , it almost felt like I had other hands on me all the time, Also I had sensations of vibrating energy ! Thank u so much Sree Maa for letting us experience your unique gift.”

-S. ,McKinley (Holistic Fair 2012, Auckland, New Zealand)

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“Thank you for your Wisdom and opening the channels and releasing old and stuck energy, Thanks for the inspiration to continue to help people and to work more intensely with their Addictions”

-Martin (Holistic Fair 2012, Auckland, New Zealand)

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“I am very grateful for your beautiful light energy, i am going through a difficult time and I felt a significant shift especially in my heart chakra, Thank u for your loving tender touch “

-Fiona (Holistic Fair 2012, Auckland, New Zealand)

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“Found the healing GREAT ! no words to describe the powerful and unique pulse coming from your hand . At one stage I felt a Vortex around my stomach area and even though my mind told me I was lying flat on a table, my body was spiralling down this vortex .. Absolutely Amazing ! Never have felt so much energy from any healing I have taken so far…….Superb! i recommend it to everybody to try the Quantum Pulse coming from this lovely couple.”

-Amanda (Holistic Fair 2012, Auckland, New Zealand)
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“I have known Sree Maa from Singapore, was in corporate world, used to go to her Mediation group and she had given a message from the Mahatma energy that one day i will run my own healing centre in Australia and host Mahatma there , since last year I have started a Highest Intent Healing studio and in this Feb Sree Maa came to Sydney and I did the hosting and marketing , i can’t believe that something told 5 years back came true and her wisdom and teachings that I had heard 5 years back more sense in 2012 when i heard her share again in Sydney … She grows on you and her wisdom is from the truest source “

-Beryl, Sydney

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“I had a powerful release during the Grid removal session, There was a dirty reptilian clinging to my OLD Karmic body and holding onto it tight, Saw an Angel lead the Reptilian and the 3-D grid towards a black hole and felt the 3-D body peel off completely.”

-Anastasia, Sydney

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“When I found Sree Maa’s flyer at a mind body soul expo in Sydney Oct 2011 , I knew instantly this is what i was waiting for , My yearning to find a real time teacher manifested as her flyer and when I met her in Feb 2012 , me and my husband we both did all the sessions in a workshop format and I did her Akashic Master Record Reader workshop and cannot describe her simplistic teachings resonating with my inner voice.. She truly is a Master Of Wisdom, Original and one in a zillion .. Thank u Sree Maa for showing us the way”

–Nathalie, Sydney
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