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Are you dealing with health issues? Relationship issues or other personal challenges? Feeling stressed, stuck, fatigued, depressed? Or would you like to support your spiritual awakening?

Visit the Online Kosmic Clinic (monthly) and receive Cutting Edge Multi-Dimensional Holographic Healing for your Mind, Body, Soul and Super Soul!

Online Kosmic Clinic

Join the QVSWPP™ Practitioners at the Online Kosmic Clinic to Experience the Powerful Transmissions of the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse™ (QVSWPP™)!

We use State of the Art Video Conference Facilities for these sessions, participants can request for Demonstration of these facilities to familiarise with the interface. Register and Receive Healings & Transmissions at Comfort of Your Home or Living Space.

What is QVSWPP or Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse Energy
The Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse is unlimited in potential, the Energy is self -referring, self -healing therefore each person will receive exactly what is required for their healing on that day. This Zero Point or Source Energy Fusion will Awaken your Divine Blueprint, plus much more! Feel every cell of your body come alive, be cleansed and renewed with the healing power of the QVSWPP – the touch of the Creator.
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how do I visit Online Kosmic Clinic
The call will be held on line via webinar. On joining the call you will be asked to find a comfortable place to lie down whilst the Practitioners transmit the energies. Those receiving the energies are then just asked to relax and just be. Following this there will be an opportunity for sharing of your experience. Callers will be sent a webex link to join the call.

who can join Online kosmic clinic
This call is open to all friends and family of the QVSWPP Kosmic Community and anyone else who would like to experience QVSWPP healing.

When will these sessions take place?
Once every month commencing 16th February 2014 in various schedules from 7am to 8pm Sydney time. Schedules are updated in the below registration form automatically.

What's offered at Online Kosmic Clinic for June 2014
• 12 pm - 12:30pm
Silent Transmissions - QVSWPPTM is the Source Signature and the Highest Most Frequency that you are ready to receive. Experience this one of a kind amazing Silent Transmission which is Unique to each individual.

• 6 pm - 6:30pm
Releasing unwanted repetitive thoughts

• 7 pm - 7:30pm
Clearing your energy field - Releases discordant and stuck energies. Clears, heals, rejuvenates your entire energetic/auric field.

• 8 pm - 8:30pm
Activation of the Thymus – Thymus is the spiritual heart of the body, the non-dual, unpolarised self that loves unconditionally.

Come and join us for an amazing life enhancing experience of oneness!

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**Please note the registrations for Online Kosmic Clinic are now closed for this Month.

Next schedule of Online Kosmic Clinic will be announced shortly.
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