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Kosmic Absolute This is conducted as One/Two Day Intensive - Kosmic Absolute™ Workshop to understand the Universal Truths. One of the main purposes of this workshop is to throw light on the Ascension Drama and guide souls to “Let Go Off the Old teachings of Dimensional Evolution based on Karma.

There is no such thing as Ladder of Evolution in these Magical Times. The Old methods of Merkaba are now in question as the Truth is out. Most of the MErkaba teachings have been channelled in ignorance and for Mass control. They are the teachings of the dark alliances to control the Human’s rightful 12 strand Angelic DNA and to imprison them in the Ascension Game.

**Webinars are recommended for participants who wish to join the workshop at the comfort of their own home, parents with young kids, people working on shifts and anyone who can't make it to physical workshops.

The highly anticipated and requested Kosmic Absolute Workshop is here - offered as a 2 day Intensive! Join us from Anywhere on 10 & 11 October for this Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to Lift the Veils of illusion!

Isn't it time you had the Absolute Truth?

We read and hear so much and yet it can be hard to discern what is true or not.

What if the veils could be lifted to reveal the Ultimate Truth, that which sets us free, and has been deliberately withheld from us all for eons...

Join us for a 2 day expose that will rattle what you thought you knew, whilst resounding with your soul's knowing.

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**We are sorry, registrations for this workshop are closed.

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