Frequently Asked Questions (Advanced)

Kosmic FAQ-AdvanceHere are some Advanced Questions we have compiled from various exhibitions, sessions and workshops, please feel free to ask more questions via Contact US page or email us at and we will be happy to answer you.






Qs. What is this new Energy? What is QVSWPP™?

Ans. Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse™ (QVSWPP™) is the core energy that is found in the model of Creation – the Spiral. The transmission of this energy has become available from 11-11-2011 for humanity, which comes right from Source – through the Galactic Centre. This unique energy signature is brought down from the Twin Ray merger of Sree Maa and Shri Ji. They hold this ENERGY and stabilize it and pass it on to organic life forms on Earth to Upgrade the DNA strands and the soul vibrations. The emission is an alchemical combination of Vortex, Scalar Wave, and Photon Pulse. The Quantum Light travels like a wave. The force of this powerful energy upgrades all from lower 3D Grid to higher 5D Grids. The infinite quantum vortex is a SUPRA energy which is intelligent and works through the law of fractals. The 5th+ Dimensional grid holders experience The Quantum Vortex spin and pulsing when activated, as well as the constant emission of ‘Healing’ Scalar waves. This is how Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse™ can be used to do cutting edge multi-dimensional holographic upgrades. Healing happens as the by-product
of the activation.

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Qs. What does it feel like?

Ans. The unique energetic signature of QVSWPP™ is transmitted through the Supra celestial grids of Sree Maa and Shri Ji. The Experience is one of a Pulsing Vortex energy felt in the core of the physical body and emitted from every cell.

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Qs. What does Quantum Vortex Holographic Healing do?

Ans. The Diamonoid scalar wave emissions and Quantum Vortex transmissions are infused with the Photon (light)
pulsing through the Healer- Facilitator. It recalibrates the body to remove discordant energies, balances and aligns energetic light grids of the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual bodies. Re-sets chakras.
Retrieves lost confused/wounded and fractured aspects of our true selves back to be healed at a “wholis-tic” level. The
Scalar wave of holographic light emissions passes rapidly via the DNA in every cell. It clears Electromagnetic radiation
from Mobile Phones, Computers, televisions and other electronic devices. Removes stress and toxins from the body, organs and cells; Major organs are energetically cleansed. Many report experiencing a sense of relief, freedom and deep peace. In short it ‘Feels Good!

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Qs. Why is Quantum Vortex Holographic Healing Unique?

Ans. It is self referring, QVSWPP™ knows where it needs to go to instantly clear and activate. Healing is the by-product of this ‘wholis-tic’ re-set . It addresses all the energy bodies and realigns you to your original Soul purpose and Divine mission. The Energy is instantly available to every cell of the body at once.

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Qs. Why upgrade to a 5th Dimensional Grid?

Ans. For obvious reasons you would not use old software with a new device – You’d want the latest operating system. So what’s the difference when it comes to you? You are a biological computer and much of your operating capability has been unplugged or switched off. The 3-D/4D human consciousness and karmic template hampers the Divine will and blocks Divine manifestations as it is locked into the Etheric-physical plane of existence. 70% of the world’s population today has a 3 and 4-Dimensional karmic or etheric template body. The Earth has upgraded to her 5th Dimensional body (Tara). To align with her frequencies and vibrations, humans will also need to upgrade by removing the obsolete density.

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Qs. What will happen if I chose to stay in my 3D body?

Ans. As the Earth has already ascended to the higher 5D vibrations, human beings everywhere who are still holding the 3D template (with which we were born) are experiencing internal as well as external turmoil due to a lower vibrational frequency, in conflict with the Earth. The 3D body holds the pain and suffering associated with past-lives, vows, contracts, control programs, entities, implants to name a few. By removing the 3D template, we can energetically evolve out of the lower dramas and games of Karma and cord entanglements.!

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Qs. I have already done a lot of ascension work and workshops. How is this different?

Ans. With respect, there is a lot of ‘ascension drama’ happening in the world. Any ascension work that does not remove the 3D Grid would have limited effect. Most energetic and spiritual healing systems available in the world today are designed for the 3D body. The 5D grid installation is akin to Upgrading to a completely new operating system like the limiting programs, bugs and viruses no longer work.

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Qs. Are you ready for an ENERGETIC Re-Set?

Ans. Yes I am ready to do the Upgrades!

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Qs. How do the Upgrade sessions work?

Ans. The P.R.O.C.E.S.S is very simple and effortless. They are done in a 2 day intensive Webinar. Read the rEb-eArTh from 3-D to 13-D on Live Webinars brochure.

Session 0 – AwaKeNiN is the starting point, a mandatory session to raise the vibration of every person and bring it to a neutral start. The 3D Grid is removed and the 4D subtle bodies are cleared and removed, which are obsolete now. The AwaKeNiN session 0 is a primer. Preparing the board for super fast and effortless upgrades.

TrANsForMaTioN Sessions 1-7 are Transmissions, Activation and Initiations where we explore in-depth about the Merkaba spin and charge, we correct the anti-spin or matrix current and cut off all the negative interferences in the field and eventually reach a powerful internal spin.

Transcendence Sessions 8-12 are available post March 21st 2013

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Qs. Can the 3D grid be scanned and removed? Can such powerful transmissions, activations and initiation be felt on a Webinar?

Ans. Yes certainly, the QVSWPP™ is the signature of SOURCE. QVSWPP™ is present in all of creation at all times. Sree Maa’s signature spark allows 100% experiential feel of the dense 3 and 4 Dimensional Grids. Etheric garbage is felt by all participants. Once the 3 and 4-D lower astral bodies, nets, and grids are removed, the QVSWPP™ can tune in with the inherent Light in the DNA. As all human beings are made up of the same substance, this inherent Oneness can aid us to become telepathically, compassionately ONE with each other. As we were designed by the ALL THAT IS to receive, transmit and share the love consciousness. Virtual interconnectedness is now the new reality!

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Qs. I have this feeling that something is happening in the world that I can’t quite put my finger on. What is going on?

Ans. Yes, there is. In fact it’s a powerful time of change where humanity as a whole is invited to remember again the deeper Truths of our spiritual Nature and our Oneness in Spirit. This awakening is stirring from deep within. We are in a time of transition which may look like chaos on the surface where old systems and veils crumble, but there is a deeper perhaps invisible Intelligence at work. Now is when each one is asked to set aside, the mind and ego even for just a moment, so that we may go into the Heart and awaken the Soul. Re-connect again to what is True, Real and Valuable – the Gift of Life and the Love that is within everything and underlying all experiences. This is the invitation to you ~ right here, right now.

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Qs. I find it hard to understand how some people say ‘what you are going through isn’t real’ or is an ‘illusion’ yet events in my life and what others are going through seem very real with painful consequences. Are deaths, accidents, wars, betrayals, adoptions, miscarriages all illusions too?

Ans. “We are all in the gutter just some of us are looking at the stars” Oscar Wilde. It’s all about perception and perspective, if we could draw you out of the situation to show you the big picture, you’d cry with so much joy as you experience the Love within it. If you were then returned to the centre of this situation once you’d seen the purpose, would you not then see the entire mosaic in play? Perhaps you’d begin to feel tremendous Love and compassion for everyone involved? You’d understand it was to serve you at the Soul level and draw upon your best qualities.

Illusion are overcome by shifting our perception of reality and becoming aware and informed that we all live in an energy matrix. How this matrix affects our current reality, is a matter of personal choice.

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Qs. How do you end the flip/flopping … “awakened today/asleep tomorrow” game? Is there Freedom past this ‘game?

Ans. Perhaps another form of foot wear would work! 😉 This is generally known in spiritual arenas as the separation game. The unconscious game of separation arises from identifying with the Ego’s reaction rather than with our Consciousness. In general, we have been programmed for so long in this ‘reality’ it takes conscious awareness and practice to see Life from a broader perspective. What does it take to watch Life unfold and yet still be in it and ‘awake’? That is the Souls quest for the human experience! Freedom arises from making empowered choices that serve our ‘eternal beingness’.

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Qs. If we are already pure and, dare I say it, “enlightened” at the heart of our eternal beingness, what creates the semblance of the “not-so-awakened” life most of us are living?

Ans. What were your first thoughts upon waking up today? Was it “Today I’m going to remain in the ‘Now’ and I will listen to my Souls need wherever it shall take me!” Did you say to yourself? “I trust my ‘eternal beingness’, my Higher Self. That which is the guiding force behind my Souls quest to experience ALL that is Human.” Hmmm….perhaps not? Then the question is answered as to why we remain ‘not so awakened’ in life. We simple stop listening perhaps become disconnected from our Hearts & Souls. As we make our Mind, the dualistic separation experiences, a priority, our ‘eternal beingness’ disappears into the background and falls asleep again.

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Qs. What is my Higher Self? Is this what is refered to as the ‘I AM’?

Ans. Your Higher Self is the part of the Mind (the Higher Mental) that remembers beyond a dual or separation perspective and records all experiences of your consciousness without judgment. It is the Self that knows there are no separate little selves, only One Self that has an infinite number of different experiences.
The Great I AM is the Presence of God, that is the Source of all things, present in all things, as all things and yet forever beyond (transcendent of) all things. It is Love unfathomable. It is the You of the you of the you and can never really be understood by the mind, only served by it.

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Qs. What! my Soul is in my belly?!

Ans. Yes that’s why belly dancing is such a soulful experience 😉 The seat of your Soul is in your belly area (navel). Even though a part of the Ray of Light that you are in Truth is having a localised time-based experience, it is arising out of your eternal, infinite Nature as Pure Spirit. When your seat of identity rests in your Eternal Nature as Love, you can enjoy your temporal, physical experience here on the Planet without getting entangled with or attached to any-thing. Your life becomes a happy Dance!

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Qs. What does enlightenment actually mean?

Ans. To Lighten up! Literally to shed the density and throw Light onto an entangled state of Being. We are All born Enlightened, we are pure Spirit incarnated. Rather we are becoming RE-enlighten again, perhaps after years of programming and skewed belief systems, have we forgotten who we Really are? Is the Souls quest the journey of remembrance back to Re-enlightenment? Enlightenment is a state of beingness that can never fully be known unless you are the one experiencing it. However, it is said to be a state of Conscious awareness, of self-mastery true connection, presence and Oneness with the Source of ALL THAT IS. Enlightenment is always in the NOW!

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Qs. Can we ever “know” who we are?

Ans. Ask your Higher Self to show you and be Present when it does. There is no end to knowing who you are…..You! have the power of choice in every moment. <3

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Qs. Is Enlightenment a prerequisite for Ascension? Or do we begin Ascension first?

Ans. This is our Question of the month, please click here to see the answer

If you have any other question then please feel free to submit it via Contact US page or email us at

In loving kindness and Service

Sree Maa Shri Ji

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