Frequently Asked Questions (Basic)

Kosmic FAQ-BasicHere are some Frequently Asked Questions we have compiled from various exhibitions, sessions and workshops held recently, please feel free to ask more questions via Contact US page or email us at and we will be happy to answer you.






Qs. How do I know that the Kosmic Fusion®™ Light transmissions are the purest?

Ans. If one looks around , currently on this planet work is done on the emotional, mental, Physical –Sexual or Psycho-Spiritual levels , Kosmic Fusion® ™ actually is a birthing point right now on the planet where one can totally eliminate these lower etheric –Karmic Garbage through a profound experiential method. The gift that is passed through Sree Maa to the participants is beyond words, Sree Maa sends out a loving hand to all people including Facilitators, Healers, Psychics and the whole human race to go beyond the 3-4 Dimensional Band and 7 Planes of existence, she can give a tangible proof to everyone that the lower vibrations are there under the higher Light Bodies and no matter what level of meditation they have done or are doing they feel it.

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Qs.How come we can do all this in such a short time? I thought progress, growth is a slow process and I have to work diligently on it?

Ans. Time is speeding up! It is TRUE! The Schumann resonance –earth’s heartbeat has moved from 7.83 Hz to 12Hz and at 13 Hz time is zero point which means there will be no time and constant oneness can be experienced with the whole Kosmos. 2012 SHIFT is our birth right as we have chosen to be here for this grand upgrade and transfiguration of the ego. The ancients and the indigenous knew it that during the grand alignment it’s time to go back home! So worry not about your past, emotional, mental, physical, psycho-sexual drawbacks and limitations. All are given this window in their back yard literally. Source has come to us- no need to go through the old school purging and yearning for judgement day. The rapture has begun and the only way to be with the new wave is to join it and let go of the OLD templates.

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Qs. How are these upgrades brought through?

Ans. The fundamental truth of the Kosmic Absolute is explained like child’s play; anyone can grasp it and understand it instantly. There is no secret or mystery school glamour. Simple facts should remain simple.

All work is experiential for scanning every person’s wave length in space time continuum and resonance to sound and Meta ripples of activations. Many humans have forgotten on how to re-connect to the Source and because of that they are not on the same wave length as their Anti matter self in the parallel Earth in the Parallel Universe. Lot of time has elapsed since humans have got caught up in the drama of survival post cataclysms.

Brain programming by the negative dark Cabal’s and extra terrestrial races on the planet Earth induced them into a Matrix, humanity was put under a sleep wave and veils of illusions were drawn tight ….everyone’s UNIVERSAL MerKaaBaa fields were put on a anti- spin, cutting them off from their interdimensional families and star heritage, Induction into a pre calculated shock by the negative free will universe ET’s to destroy the MerKaaBaa of every human angel for their personal gains. The potential and the spirit rights of humans were cut off and ties with the Supreme Being were severed by these Dark forces.

Recalibration allows me to re-set the spin of the healee’s Merkaba and teach the true Quantum Light Body spin. Heavy duty ascension symptoms many of the Light bodies holders feel, making them lethargic and constantly experiencing fatigue and extreme moodiness, flu like cold and throat infections are because being imprisoned into a Merkaba and still having the Astral body (3rd dimensional karmic body) under the Merkaba. After the supra feeling of the internal spin one understands the purpose of being created was an act of faith. Creator will find its way back home.

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Qs. I have never heard about Astral body, mental body exists?

Ans. There are many ancient teachings that explain COSMOLOGY and many spiritual teachers today know this exists; it is best documented in Sanskrit texts, translated by many other philosophies and today lost as merely the occult teachings.

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Qs. Does every soul go through re-incarnation?

Ans. Re-incarnation is real and was made for a soul to go back to the source through the ladder of evolution. The process of involution is from where the Souls come down from the God-seat and the process of evolution is from where they go back to the Source. The truth is if u research right u will find many teachings that know re-incarnation exists. So many people have recollections of some experiences in their meditations or past life regression where they have come up with stuff that cannot be explained. I recommend you read a lot about this and draw a conclusion.

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Qs. Why do only some religions talk about re-incarnation and not all?

Ans. The truth is that most of the religions are manmade and mainly designed to control the masses. If you dwell a little deeper, you will find that Jesus never created Christianity, Buddha never started Buddhism, and these great teachers only shared their teachings. Hebrew and Qabbalah is very informative but they focus too much on God is a he. Likewise Islam came out as channelled teachings from Gabriel and the same teachings condemn most of the other teachings in the world… If the whole religion Islam was channelled then why would there be such partiality to other teachings of the world. Hinduism was not a religion it is only labelled as one by other religions, it is vast and has multiple levels of teachings to help people live by Dharma which could be read as pure action without any expectation, their Pantheon of

Gods were ridiculed just like the Gods of Greek.. Find information from the true teachings out there, Upanishads, Buddhist have detailed explanation of these etheric realms and bodies. Even the Aboriginal dreamtime teachings talk a lot of the Astral realms, so do all the shamanic ancient arts of healing and travelling in the underworld.

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Qs. Where do we go after we die?

Ans.Most of the people go to the Astral Realms, and live in their desire body until they complete or fulfil their ego will to still live; they visit the Physical world where we live, all the mediums only take messages from the people who reside here. This is not the place to be stuck; very few when they die go to the mental planes, here people still keep living but in thought bodies there is no etheric body, here they dwell in the plane of rational and logical truths, most of the people who pursue intelligence and meditations end up here as it takes a lot to work out your ego while in the human form. The soul goes to the Causal Plane ONLY; it is formless and exists only in essence.

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Qs. Where is the Akashaa and where are the Akashic records stored? Do the mediums and Psychic that give readings are going to the Akashic Plane?

Ans.There is a band just between the highest mental plane and the Causal plane where all records of the soul’s incarnation are stored it is called the Akashaa where the TRUE Akashic records are stored and can be read by a person who has no past life record existing and that is a tall order for the current human consciousness on the planet right now, the ego driven mediums who dwell here on the physical plane cannot access that, what these readers and mediums access are the records stored in the Astral realm where there is a jelly like band which is misunderstood to be the Akashaa and so they only read your past life doings and mistakes. They focus too much on it and trap the innocent people who come for help and push them too hard with you have got to do this and that and the agony keeps going on and on.

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Qs.I have read about these planes and what I have read says these bodies are very important, then why should I eliminate them?

Ans.They were designed for the process of evolution but we need to remember that our Earth is in the Free Will Universe and because of that there is loads of intrusion and interference from other Dimensions which we cannot see and they on their path of evolution according to them but are headed at a tangent and are now stuck in Dimensions that have nowhere to go forward, the DIVINE has created the Divine Intelligent Design and this design cannot be destroyed by any free will entity so in this great time of the shift we are being given this powerful gift to let go of the drama of ascension.

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Qs. Why is this kind of energy reconstruction accessible to us right now on planet? What is the importance of 2012?

Ans. It’s really not about 2012, this timeline is one aspect of the great precession cycle of 26000 years caused due to the tilt of the earth and the wobbling on the axis creates an imaginary elliptic circle in the celestial sky and it is completing the cycle and entering into the Aquarius age. This is also 1 reason but there was planet earth before the tilt and that earth existed as a perfect utopian model and still does , it’s the tilt that was caused by Self Serving ET’S and made earth fall into this sleep and veils of illusions were drawn, morphogenetic field warfare etc………imprisoning every person in a Matrix. The importance of 2012 is an alignment with the Star Gates giving us a short cut to go back to the Source and this is not known to many, only few selected Grid Masters who are here to move the true plan up the original ladder of evolution and eliminate the needy, greedy drama of ascension and take out the glamour driven Angels and Ascended Master teachings addicts who are only channelling information from the self serving ET’s who are feeding this into the larger Matrix. ONLY a GRID MASTER who knows of its true origin and purpose can take this mission forward, the good news is there are so many here to help. I invite everyone to join in and see the difference for themselves. These truly are kosmic absolute teachings and are brought forward to free every soul that is trapped here in these games of suffering, hunger, war, spiritual realization, purifications the list is endless.

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Qs. How will I know that this is the real deal; it is so hard to decide as so many people claim that their work is the best?

Ans. Kosmic Fusion® ™ brings the most powerful sessions as all that is being removed is experienced by every individual , as we all agree we are made up of energy , there is no way we cannot feel ourselves energetically. The AwaKeNiN session (0) is such a powerful experience that each person can feel their 3-Dimensional and all lower etheric bodies pressing onto them, implants are felt as sharp shooting pain within the body, and everything cleared is felt tangibly, it is the most real session right now on this planet. Read the testimonial page.

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Qs. Who is Sree Maa and what is the reason she brings purest Vibration to the planet right now?

Ans. Sree Maa is one of the Core Grid Master not of planet Earth but of everything that has manifested in the Cosmos. If u envision a point from where creation begun then at the point the energy being closest to the SOURCE is very pure and her whole physical body now holds the Kosmos Model within. Take a minute to look at her photo on the home page. She has come with her mission encoded in her cells, she had not to go through any kundalini or other kind of self-realization, she remained underground or out of sight as through her Celestial Star body she was working in the inner realms until 2005. Slowly came out and did her 1st planetary Sri Chakra Grid Infusion in 2006 and infused through the Lemurian and golden dragon energies in Singapore.

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Qs. What are 3-Dimensional vibrations, what is the earth’s role in it?

Ans. The Karmic templates are 3 and 4 dimensional in vibration, the Earth as a planet is vibrating at 5-D frequencies which is proven if you can read about the Schumann Resonance has changed which is also known as the heartbeat of the Earth. This a time of great quantum shift and it is important for the human consciousness to match upto the new 5-D frequencies of the Earth to avoid any kind of mass scale destruction due to natural calamities, it is recorded in the history of the earth before that when the earth was put onto a downward cycle, intergalactic warfare in the freewill universe ripped off the true light body of the Earth, it was called Gaia and her higher self was called Tara. They still exist in parallel universes and send the higher vibrations to the 3-D earth to match its frequencies so they can remain on their true divine plan.

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Qs. Why do I need to have a 5-Dimensional Holographic Grid?

Ans. The 5-D + Holographic Grid is the most needed upgrade for Humanity. The Earth has changed its outer frequency or bandwidth. We need to vibrate at the same frequency or higher in order for a harmonious union of energies. The 3-D vibration and old template will keep people stuck in the lower planes and cause loss of consciousness in the crucial times of 2012. It is very important to remove the Karmic retribution page from the script. The crystalline nature of human energy field is pivotal. We have to transform into crystalline light and with that our base code will shift back to L.O.V.E which was the original platinum print. Karma is a chapter from the blueprint.

5-D+ holographic Grid will help move humanity towards Source, Spirit. This Alignment is based on the laws of Vertical or Anthkarna the rainbow -bridge we build towards the Creator-SOURCE.

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Qs. What after the removal of the 3-Dimensional Karmic templates and re-installation of the 5-D+ Scalar wave holographic grid how will it benefit me and what changes can I see in my Life?

Ans. Once the 3-Dimensional veil body, karmic body is removed and a new 5-Dimensional Scalar Wave Holographic light body is re-connected to the soul it will start emitting the Scalar wave photon pulse signature which is so powerful in itself , that anything can be healed and shifted as the inactive DNA strands know its potential.

This 5-D+ Vibration will release encoded sound and light particles all the time. The whole world will go back into the utopian age as it was before. From uncharted realms into the charted realm of love and light.

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More advanced and sensitive subjects.

Qs. Why is the merkaba method not the right way to spin?

Ans. Merkaba was a vehicle for the body, and is mainly a science based on matter. The spin over the head or one with polarity was needed in a different time, the earth had gone through a shift and information to ascend had to be stored in monuments around the world. The information saved was authentic but got distorted through many different paths. As we understand the spin is not external and internal, as we see the profoundness of our own divine biology and ethereal cells. As we understand the true teachings of immortality and we are completely free , we will never need a external spin over us. One other reason the spin is external as the 3-Dimensional and 4 Dimensional bodies sit under the 5-Dimensional light bodies. In the Transformation sessions we explore in depth about the Merkaba spin and charge, we correct the anti spin or matrix current and cut off all the negative interferences in the field and eventually reach a powerful internal spin.

Note: Kosmic Fusion® ™ is not here to debate or argue about anything. Kindly use your own inner teacher to lead you to what is best for you. What resonates with you? We are not here to prove any modality or teaching wrong. We are in oneness with everyone in the community of love and light. Please use your own discernment and work in peace with others. Kindly keep Kosmic Fusion® ™ out of any misunderstanding or debate whatsoever. We bow down to each soul in respect and accept each one’s place in the Divine game of Polarity integration.

In loving kindness and Service

Sree Maa Shri Ji

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Frequently Asked Questions - Advanced



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