Awakenin & Transformation Workshop

Kosmic Fusion<sup>®</sup>AwakenIN  & Transformation Workshop is conducted in 2 day intensive and constitutes 8 sessions. i.e. Session 0 followed by Session 1 to 7.

How will it benefit your personal life and accelerate your Spiritual Journey?

Removes  the old karmic 3/4D Gridlock (lower mental & astral grids keeping you locked in the linear game of evolution and ascension) and Upgrade to a 5D+ Scalar Wave Multi-dimensional Holographic Grid!- “the most essential Upgrade for humanity right now in the Star Gates cycle”

USP of the AwaKeNiN & TrANsForMaTioN Webinar is the tangible Energetic re-set & Activation of your cells which will enable your consciousness to constantly emit the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse (QVSWPP) to everyone you meet. Become an instant healer and emit this Energy for your family & friends. 24/7, Activate -Upgrade even when you go to bed. After the re-set there won’t be any astral hooks, attacks or energy draining attachments in the dream state. The dark night of the soul, peeling of the onion drama comes to an end. Your spiritual progress is now from peak to peak, no more abyss or plateaus.

The God-Seed (primordial atom) that made all in Oneness can be received and transmitted at once without any Psychic Attacks or complicated energy hygiene or hours of meditation to regain energy. You will no longer need to protect yourself from anything dark or dense as the force of QVSWPP does not permit any inorganic or dense energy to stay in the new 5D+ Multidimensional Grids!

NOTE: This is no spiritual restructuring /clearing or healing only, this is awaKeNiN to your Supra-SELF which accelerates and resets your Kosmic Self. The concept is Universal and non-religious. It’s open to all no matter what religion they follow or exploring other modalities. This Re-Set is your divine right to claim your sovereign status as a galactic citizen. 

 The Live Webinars are 100% experiential participation and the 3 and 4-Dimensional dense – karmic- etheric- bodies can be tangibly felt before releasing it back to the Source.


In AwakenIN session of the workshop, is most essential to become 5th Dimensional being and match up to Earth’s new 5-D frequency and vibration. The 3-D karmic template hampers the Divine will. The 3-Dimensional human consciousness blocks Divine manifestations as it is locked in the physical plane of existence. The scan is done in a meditation, turning the physical body into a divine pendulum, your own body will give signs and show symptoms where the blocks and residual energy stagnation is stored. The scan is done by retrieving information from the Akashic Records and from your own bio-energetic fields with the help from your Monadic Ray. Dis-connectment from all vows, contracts, and promises made with other souls from past lives which in this lifetime might be blocking you from moving ahead and making you stuck in lower dramas and games of Karma and cord entanglements.

Session 0: Scalar Wave Holographic Grid Upgrade



In Transformation sessions of the workshop, we explore in depth about the Merkaba spin and charge, we correct the anti spin or matrix current and cut off all the negative interferences in the field and eventually reach a powerful internal spin, these are set of 7 sessions which are numbered accordingly i.e.

Session 1: Kosmic Equilibrium Synthesis Session 2: Kosmic Re-Calibration Session 3: Kosmic Core Transfiguration Session 4: Kosmic Re-Wiring Session 5: Kosmic Cerebro Morphing Session 6: Kosmic Neural Coherence Transmission Session 7: Kosmic Diamonoid Infusion

Please note, it is mandatory to complete AwakenIn Session (Session 0) before proceeding to any of the Transformation Sessions. The series of Transformation sessions are upgrades to AwakenIn Session and each upgrade is within sequence number to understand it in simplest way.


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