About Indigo Grid Master

How does Sree Maa bring forth this unique gift to share with the world?

Sree MaaSree Maa is a clairvoyant and seer weaving together both Mysticism and Science, and her vision is to throw light on illusions of meme and gene programming, conditioning and patterns by teaching people the Ageless Secrets of the Absolute and awakening them to their inherent “Power”.She shines a contemporary light and focuses on Kosmic Absolute with an incisive spotlight by bringing to light stagnant and crippling patterns, and shares techniques to move forward expressing as a powerfully far-reaching yet practical teaching.She has been consciously serving as a soul catalyst since 2000 and has pioneered completely new methods of healings dis-connectment from past life karma’s, Removal of 3D grids and installing the 5D holographic grids since 2004, DNA activations with OM sound healing (toning) Infusing the Sri-chakra supra celestial grid on Gaia in 2006, channelled Gaia and Mahatma (as an open channel) who led her to see the bigger picture of what 2012=2222 is all about.This ordinary, humble woman of compassion, great humour and blatant honesty is accessible yet uncompromising, living fully from the depth of her trueness.

A passionate and utterly engaging teacher, ~ bringing razor-sharp clarity to the dizzying and profound breakdowns and breakthroughs humanity is currently experiencing in these so called end of times !LOL.

Her full embodiment of SELF-real-sized consciousness, Who challenges the deepest myths of religions and dogmas with uncompromising truths and whose loving tenderness woos hearts open; She is like a stand up comedian throwing light on the glamour driven spiritual “industry of ascension and lightworking” its a treat to hear her talk when she hits that note.

She synthesizes a scintillating ‘Bigger Picture’ of all that is taking place as part of humanity’s current evolutionary trajectory (illusion based on polarity-duality game)and brilliantly presents exponentially-unfolding, multidimensional change of ‘breakdown and breakthrough’ in contexts that are enlightening and far-reaching, and mixed with down-to-earth tips and bordering Quantum physics but when she explains even quantum physicists think how she knows all these things without any training in science.

Correspondingly, her research since a teenager of the world’s greatest philosophers, writers, scientists, esotericists, mystics, cosmologists and leading-edge leaders, makes her like a living encyclopaedia , She has been in intensive training by the “Highest most one”, she does not follow any religion or spiritual group, angels, masters or other star beings since 2008.

She also reveals why these 4D planes have now become Obsolete. She really de-mystifies in simple ways that Karma and Re-incarnations were created to hold back the power of the human angels. She does Cellular Restructuring of the Holograms (Akashic Blue Prints) So far she has upgraded the holographic light grids of souls in readiness for the new energies of 2012 mainly in OZ and NZ which emit the QVSWPP™.

She is a contemporary Mystic Muse living in the NOW and humbly grateful to her backbone Shri Ji.


AwaKeNiN, TrANsForMaTioN, TrANsEndEnCE
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