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About Sree Maa Shri Ji
Sree Maa Shri Ji
Sree Maa is one of the many Grid Masters on Mission Gaia/Tara. She is a multi-dimensional clairvoyant, who teaches how to handle frequency shifts and upgrade current light quotient. Her mission is to align the 3-earths that are EARTH, GAIA and TARA, vibrating on different dimensional planes in different universes. She activates the DNA strands, dissolves the ego-self and removes negative ET interference that inflicts all incarnated souls ready for ascension.


Sree Maa & Shri Ji, founders of Kosmic Fusion®®, are one of the rare couples who are fully enlightened Diamond Light Masters of Vibration and Frequencies, with active imploding DNA codes in service on Earth in this special time of 2012-2022. The Twin-Ray couple have been holding and emitting the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse (QVSWPP), via the Galactic Centre from the SOURCE OF ALLTHAT IS, since 2003. Their Quantum Love is their USP.


What is their role as TwinRays?

The couple’s altruistic vision is to spread the message of bliss and ecstasy that pulses out from the SOURCE by activating each soul they touch to emit the same energy signature of The Unified Collective Consciousness, devoid of hierarchies, dimensional games and battles of Polarity and duality consciousness. They want to activate every grid and Field. Join the hearts of every soul with each other.


What is their message?

Their message is that the non-doer, ever present consciousness is experienced when one emits the QVSWPP from their every atom to every atom around them. Oneness in tangible sense is understood. Knowledge and wisdom without LOVE is felt for the 1st time. All The ones who emit it are baffled by its mere inter-connectedness.


Can this bliss energy they emit to others be validated?

In every discourse and trainings, the receivers and Practioner’s felt they were receiving the QVSWPP too, when someone another was receiving the current. This truly is what makes each one understand that we are ONE spark only embodied in 8.8 billion human bodies and many trillion stars.

The true reason e-motion/feeling/empathy were given to humans is realized.


The profound Absolute state of BEING- In-PHI-nitely is felt as we are fractals of the large SELF. Therefore Kosmic Fusion®® is the apt word through which this gift is being brought forward. Through this inter-connectedness we can truly remain in the golden age and prove that even if we are in the free will universe of polarity and duality integration, we made it back together as ONE spark.

How did the TwinRays connect to this energy that emits from the Source-Zero Point?

Sree Maa and Shri Ji are TwinRays (which they found out on the same day) Together they are here to share the secret that implosion is the only way out of here! Which they experienced through a spontaneous coherent merger with the SOURCE-Zero Point/Void on 9th Nov 2003. 

They were in an intimate moment, when their cells started to implode and felt braiding of their DNA strands with each other; entwined together they travelled with their souls to the Source or the Zero Point –Void. The implosion from being in the oneness state(deep union) made them see themselves as  fractals expanding-zooming out  in spirals like a Vortex towards the Great Nothingness, that one moment of  letting  go together took them into a state of bliss and ecstasy.

They saw their 3-D grids, Astral and Mental bodies being taken off and had an energetic infusion of Kosmic Grids of Light around their fields.  As they spiralled back into their bodies they felt zooming in like a fractal through the White Hole like a Vortex via the Galactic Centre and a powerful pulse activated their hearts. Since that day they both emit a Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse. This bliss and ecstasy of implosions have revealed to them the power of DIVINE LOVE.

Their Mantra for reaching out to the world is “From OUR h’earth’ to yours, from our energy fields to yours”


How did they utilize this ultimate merger to share it with the world around them?

Their identity as one of the fully enlightened DNA-activated Diamond Light Master Couple on our Earth was only revealed in 2011 as planned. They have lived and been travelling the world (Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania) currently their base in New Zealand to fulfil their Divine mission to which they are still adapting. In their eyes they are ordinary couple intrinsically in love with each other, simple and down to earth.

Their TWINRAY Energy Signature is a SCALAR WAVE- PHOTON PULSE infused in them as QUANTUM VORTEX for Awakening, Transformation and Transcendence and they share it with the world.


Scalar wave-Photon pulse; accessed from the Shunyata (Nothing yet everything –VOID). They can infuse and re-install the 5-D+ scalar wave Holographic-Cosmic/Stellar/Celestial Grids by removing the 3-D grids (karmic templates) completely and free every human from the game of emotional and mental healings and clearings through their Supra Celestial Twin Ray Energies which constantly spins in ONENESS with the Source. Once past the 4D drama of polarity and alien interference nothing can hold back any soul from the great merger.


Currently they are receiving training from the Omniscient Creator on how to train others to take the Kosmic Fusion®® mission all around the planet. They both receive supra Meta data in a form of download in their DNA’s which Sree Maa translates and transmits out to others.

The Meta data they receive is directly from the SOURCE. She is who reveals the truth from the Source on what really Ascension is? And the Magic of Star Gate alignments between 2012-2022(she loves to talk) where as he holds the Quantum Pulse for transference (he loves to be)


Shri Ji is the backbone and the main anchor that helps Sree Maa travel and reach out to many by taking care of their worldly affairs. Their mission is to mirror the SOURCE within ourselves.


Their Mantra for reaching out to the world is “From My Heart to Yours, From my energy fields to yours

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