The Divine Feminine Integration and Activation Year


2006- The Divine Feminine Integration and Activation Year

Soul Catalyst & Sree Maa will have main focus on below sessions for this year. We feel Earth Beings are now ready for this new wave of energy and also prepared to let go off the old energies and patterns that are holding them back. Below sessions are part of one’s evolutionary stages where people will be able to leave their old karmic imprints and also have a new 5 Dimension Energy body installed on them. Throughout these sessions, your DNA strands will be activated energetically and Cellular level clearings will be done.


  • Dis Connectment of Vows
  • Energy Re-Construction
  • Removal of 3-Dimensional Grids and Installation of 5th Dimensional Grids,
  • Emitting Quantum Vortex Energy 24/7 !
  • DNA Activations and Cellular Level Clearings