MBS Sydney 2013 Testimonials

I am heading from C.F.S. I have tried many modalities. I did now expect much from Kosmic Fusion® but I am opened to all experiences. I experienced swirling energy, colour show and shapes. I felt tingling sensation in ovaries part of my body. I yawned several times thorugh the session which is an indication that something happened. I felt alert afterwards.


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Heaviness in my head befire it cleared. The main sensation was a lot of movemenbt through my solar plexes then moving up into my heart or center of my chest.

 I felt energy flowing up and had to cough once & felt as though I need to cough negative energy out.

 Amazing Experience

Belinda Brodie


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A release of great emotional, psychological trauma and Psychic conversations associated with the chakra opening an amazing amount of energy flowing through my body.

Thank you very much.

Roz Taylor


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Relaxed. I used to feel like someone is staring at me always, now I dont feel that at all. Happier

Mitch Fuchs

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Wow! I so needed this my little angel. Thank you. Now I can get back onto my journey through the hospitals of Sydney

 Thanks and Blessings

Lynette T


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This is a new experience this time round. I couldn’t feel anything at first but then I started to feel heaviness in my chest growing. It then became a bit hard to breathe and my top body started to feel hot. Then the aircon blew in, my body felt like it was fighting the cold, so it was swirl of hot and cold in my top body. Later, as I leant forward my bed started to feel heavy and I could sit properly



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Words wont give justice to the wonderful experience I had! The utter feeling of bliss, happiness & contentment are flowing through me. I feel physicall great and have a clear and tranquil mind after your healing session. I have practised energy healing of several types, but nothing has come so close to the powerful force of the source which has been shown to me. Thank you for your Precious gift.

Philip D


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It was unlike anything I have experienced before. Feeling warm flow through my body and feeling refreshed



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Definitely I had a wave of something come over my body at the end of the session. Very good

Kelly Swords

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At first I could not feel energy but at the progress go on, I feel energy flowing on the top point of my body. I didnot not go to a dream state this time, but it could feel I went into nothingness. At the end I felt a very large force of energy flowing in * out. During the process, my back was aching. I also noticed I was leaning forward

Neol Trav


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I felt heat in the shoulders and kept seeing the colour green – varying from light (bright) to dark green (but not black). Felt twingles in my ring finger + left middle finger but that passed. Then felt twinge in my right arm & shoulder – but that passed.  Then just before I came out of the session, I had flash (just for a second) French doors opening out to sunlight! <3


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Legs and feet was feeling energy. My head and shoulder was very warm and feels nice

Undisclosed participant


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I didnt feel anything at all at first. but then I felt a very heavy weight over my whole body for a minute or so then it all just lifted away. I also felt a tingling kind of feeling on the back of my right shoulder and both of my wrists.


Also there was a time where I felt like I was being pulled to the right to the point I would fall off the chair but straightened up soon after. At the end I feel very relaxed

Jessica Gordon


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When the session began, my chest and head (temples) were pulsing. There was a lot of pressure and warmth. As it continued there was a flow down to my arms and fingers and then my lower body.

 My head felt a lot clearer at the end. It felt lighter while my body continued to pulse.

 During the healing I felt a circling motion in my head and my body began leaning to the left side

William D


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My first impression was of an energetic influx into my teeth. Teeth are an energy antenna, and when I “feel” my teeth, I know that there is subtle energy interacting with my energy body.

 Some sore shoulder related muscles were relaxed.

 I look forward to further healing benegits as they manifest!



Kosmic Wings 

I felt some warmth and energy flowing through my chest and out my middle side. It was relaxing experience


 Kosmic Wings

I experienced sense of peace within.

As the healers hands were placed on my shoulders, I felt warm pulsing feeling flowing

Dylan Gagen

 Kosmic Wings

I felt a cooling energy going through my body from head to toe and it felt like electricity. Feeling very relaxed now and feeling myself a lot more than normal

Daniela Loson

 Kosmic Wings

I felt calm and relaxed. I was conscious of my own breathing and the gentle hands on my shoulders. I would remove my through from the surrounding environment and foxu only on the moment.

 I had some slight pressure at my right temple that was mild but noticeable.

 My mind wandered slightly in the last moment & the person who I most feel joyful within which was a lovely moment of connection


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It was very centering  – I could feel some energy blockages that moved. Energy started flowing & pathways were cleared


 Kosmic Wings

Amazing experience, felt like completely at peace with everything. Life changing experience

Mitchell Blanchard

 Kosmic Wings

Incredible! The most relaxed and at ease. I can say I have ever felt! I felt happy, very happy 🙂


Bethany Carson

 Kosmic Wings

I felt warmth and buzz of energy initially around my shoulders, neck and heart. Then energy proceeded to move down my arms to my hands and seemed to stay there for a while. Then my ears started to get hot. By then I was already very calm. I felt energy and pressure around my hips. Then I felt like I wasn’t in the convention center anymore. It felt like I was sitting there for a very long time, much more than 15 minutes before I was asked to open my eyes. It took a while to adjust to the present

Deborah Bordeos

 Kosmic Wings

When I woke up this morning after my first session yesterday, it was the first time I have not woken up with a know of fear & anxiety clutching my heart

 My second session was so different to my first. The left side of my face seemed to be about 10 times bigger than my right. There was so much energy flowing through.

 The energy then went to my 3rd eye and it was so strong. Even after the Session I could still feel the energy in me!!!

Belinda Brodie

 Kosmic Wings

I felt the energy instantly. I tuned into the music, all these beautiful memories came back to me.

 I felt heat in my hands and neck, the energy flowing through my being.

 The stillness I felt and to just be in a place of awe

Christine Mills

 Kosmic Wings

I had an amazing time with Kosmic Fusion®, the people are great and I feel so refreshed after. I really feel live, made a spiritual breakthrough and had such positive view on my life now

Ejay Stewart

 Kosmic Wings

Felt grounding sensation, pushing down from head towards feet. Feeling of tensing up then release of energy & relaxation


 Kosmic Wings


Kevin Hatton

 Kosmic Wings

Felt very light, saw lots of colours, had started with a headache and now its gone, very calming experience


Kosmic Wings

What an experience. Initially felt calm and by the end, it felt soo good. Thanks you.


 Kosmic Wings


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