Times of Completion Require our Full Participation – BEginning of a new Cycle of Quantum Vortex Energy


Meditation Workshops

9th September 2007 [Sunday]

18th September 2007 [Tuesday]

27th September 2007 [Thursday]

Dear Masters,

Come join me in the 999 Harmonics event to awaken you to your creatorhood.  9 is the number of the universal order, all and everything is created in our universe based on the vibrations of this divine number. Also this meditation workshop is the 9th in the series of work I have been doing since the beginning of this year 2007 which also totals to 9. “999” is leading us all towards completing a major evolutionary cycle. It is asking us to make another quantum leap. Master Numbers initiate us into realizing our Divine will and Divine Power, we all timed ourselves for all these cosmic triggers in our evolutionary journey on Earth towards the stillness point and I invite you all to come participate in this cosmic event. It is essential to exercise in the SPIRIT gymnasium and stop wasting soul energy in the emotional gymnasium. It’s no time to be baffled by the enigma of master numbers occurring in awakening of your consciousness as the master numbers are encoded triggers in your cellular memory. The one’s who know the work I do this is really the mother of all meditations so far. Duality will dissolve in powerful initiation and truly become pure knowingness. The stillness point which has no duality or polarity, it is pure unity (oneness) it is simply supraconscious witness and in witnessing you drop all your perceptions and judgments which are the cause of all effects a.k.a “karma” .Remember who “U” are by letting go off all the masks put onto you by the environment, conditionings and religious chains of rights and wrongs. Let all your facades, tapes, Dramas, limitations dissolve, these dear ones are the downward spirals bringing you down into loops of re-incarnations which are your own judgments  creating karmic lifetimes to clear out that karma which was created by faulty thinking and by your EGO only …Remember that there are no GODS or DEMONS who control your destiny as there is no destiny to say so as  they are mere fragments of your imaginations originating from your minds…and the SOUL simply stands by and watches until u will let go off all the crap to say so and walk back to the source by simply disconnecting from the chords ….if u switch off the game is over ..No need to continue in the old paradigms if you truly want to free from these dogmatic beliefs. Listen to the inner voice and come join in the completions celebrations of a birth that is going to put you in only higher dimensions of multiple universes.

Refreshing memory

For people who want more information a quick recap from the year 1999 until 2007.though it is very important to bring to your notice that the HARMONIC CONVERGENCE on 16th august 1987.This was also the first major “lightworker” gateway where the heavens opened up and we had a huge energy shift toward the LIGHT!  For many of you, it may be that you have worked solidly for the past 20 years, anchoring in the LIGHT, and you are now feeling “tired” but happy as you know the hard work is done, and the celebration times are HERE! … After all, if we hadn’t done our jobs as LIGHTWORKERS, we wouldn’t be seeing the huge amount of “old souls” being born as babies, that are Indigos, Crystal, Rainbow, Dolphin children.  The fact that we are seeing HUGE numbers of these old souls shows us that we have well and truly done our job anchoring in the LIGHT.  In Mayan legend, it was foretold that now would be the time that the “shining ones” would return – Yes they have! It was also the harbinger of the Mahatma energies on planet earth which opened the doors for all initiates to merge with their twin flames from all dimensions and move towards unity and oneness. Then on January 11 .1992 a large  activation by Solara and 144,000 lightworkers was done to open the first star gate it  is widely known as the 11.11 , my own elder daughter was born in the year 1992 in the month of September. Which for me was also the 1st point of connection to my own soul  mission , when I saw the Andromedean beings for the 1st time in the hospital over  my child. It brought to me immense awareness of who I am and my purpose to come down from the cosmic fires. In the year 1999 the whole of humanity awakened to their Christ consciousness journeying and preparing themselves towards the golden age.”999” symbolizes completion, so it is obvious we all started to travel towards completing our cycles within cycles in the year 1999 and to give us all a greater push we had the year 2000 accelerating our sacred journeys of the soul to merge with the GREAT VOID, experience a null zone and switching into quantum energy field. “000” signifies GREAT VOID. The Cosmic Architect a.k.a Creator released such powerful currents into our physical bodies, subtle bodies, and light bodies. Each passing  year had important celestial events where the KOSMOS gave direct hints to people who were seeking answers through so many different ways …The west suddenly began doing YOGA(Sanskrit word) which means “UNION”  …All of us are guided to remember that its time to awaken to the sleeping Giant within us .

Astrological significance

Plus we are blessed with this 999 harmonic shift following the solar eclipse on the 11th September 2007 which is also an opportunity to meditate for world peace as on the same day 6yrs ago the whole of humanity has fallen into the control of the frequency fence manipulators.. Let’s all come together and awaken to who we are. Saturn’s influence upon our next stage of evolution: Saturn enters Virgo on the 2nd September, Pluto comes in conjunct to the Galactic Centre (Sagittarius) in 248 years, Pluto which rules the sign of Scorpio on an esoteric level and Scorpio is the sign that rules are dark-shadow sides, so Plutonian energies have triggered this large scale awakening and cleansing of our inner demons. Getting real about ourselves, our world and way of living. These will help prepare us for the revelation and fulfilment of our human Purpose. Look for the cosmic jokes. The Goddess planet, Venus, will be transitioning through Leo, adding more fiery Solar Feminine energy to September. With the Full Moon falling in Aries on the 27th September you are being initiated to be the “First Wave” that is creating the template for the manifestation of New Earth patterns of relationship and creativity. Dearest masters, in this new energy you will have many responsibilities as Leaders in the new Fifth-Dimensional Earth that is being created. As the new Masters of Light and Co-Creators with Spirit, you will lead the way to assist others in moving into the Fifth Dimension.

12:12 Stargate

Cosmic Diamond Light Grid meditation DEC 2007

The multidimensional freedom breakthrough is arriving with Jupiter conjunct Pluto on the Galactic Center, a shocking, exhilarating, and mind-bending alignment in the sky.

Mastering the powers of this New Moon with Mercury, Sun/Moon, Jupiter, and Pluto in Sagittarius, as well as two yods (esoteric mastery aspects) offers you the means to “flow in beauty amidst the building chaos”.

Jupiter arrived on the Galactic Center on December 5, 2007, just before this New Moon. Then Jupiter and Pluto will conjunct on December 11. Mercury conjuncts the Sun on December 17, and then they arrive together on the Galactic Center December 18. Jupiter goes into Capricorn on December 18, and Saturn retrogrades on December 19. During this awesome pattern from December 5 through the Solstice, Earth manifests as a multidimensional goddess. The negative forces will have lost a chance to score once-too-many-times, and Mars retrograde will chew them up until the end of January 2008.

Come experience your ‘authentic’ self and absorb the powerful conjunction energies of Jupiter and Pluto at the GALACTIC CENTER. Inter-galactic beings from various star systems bring to you your twin flame (dark matter-self) in the parallel universes that hold the fabric of space and time together. Your dark matter is glue that holds you energy signature in the universe.           

The “advanced unifying synthesis” will be  the main theme , and what each one of us decided to create in  this time of the  year will be our “freedom doorways” to experience our coming enlightenment during 2011!

The 12: 12 stargate on the 12th of December will provide a moment of intense Cosmic Diamond Light in which things will be seen in all their Radiant Truth. You will be given another significant opportunity to release old illusions that may hold you back from entering into the flow of Abundant Love. You may experience the Joy of a Radiant Miracle, as your life changes direction in the new flow of Love.