7. Kosmic Code Meditation

Listen to Free Kosmic Code Meditation. Audience from around the world have been mesmerized by this meditation, it has become an international phenomenon since we posted it for the first time on our website. Click here to visit the page & listen to it NOW!

777 Harmonic Shift – Love and Oneness Meditation with Quantum Vortex Energy

777 HARMONIC SHIFT – Love and Oneness Meditation with Quantum Vortex Energy. [7th July 2007] A new morphogenetic and planetary template / code will be ready on 777(7th July 2007) the etheric planetary grid will be rebooted and the new codes inserted similar to how an operating system is upgraded. The upgrading will be done in three phases 2nd infusion will be on the 16th of July(777) and 3rd will be on the 25th of July(777). The new energy infused within your…