I AM series for the Kosmic Emergence of your Soul – Sydney, Australia


Kosmic Fusion® brings to you Power-FULL & Experiential Meditation evenings. If you are just a Spiritual Explorer, Seeker, Advanced Spiritual Healer or Energy Sensitive/Insensitive person or just want to experience the magic of Spiritual energies – then This is IT! Come, Enjoy & Celebrate these 4 evenings between 8th to 12th November 2013.

I AM Meditation Series For Kosmic Emergence

I AM series for the Kosmic Emergence of your Soul

~Aligning with Self, Source, and Divinity ~

A powerful series of Initiations ∞ Activations ∞Transmissions dialled in straight by the TwinRay Couple the Guardian of the Source-Zero-Point. Their vibrational presence will re-connect your Soul back to the Zero-Point-Void–Absolute-God Spark; it is the access point to where all is possible. The point of Shift. We invite you to join one or more of these powerful Ceremonies that will all take place at the Ford Room in the Crows Nest Community Centre, 2 Ernest Place, Crows Nest. Sydney. Australia. Please RVSP your interest to info@KosmicFusion.com Sign up for all and you receive one evening Ceremony for free!



Meditation 1: Finding Your Zero-Point to Activate Your Greater Vibrational Potential

Sree Maa Shri Ji will re-tune your frequencies to amplify the radiant essence of your Soul Light, through superluminal (faster-than-the-speed-of-light) energy transmissions for embodying your Divine potency as Self-realized Being. The infusion of the Radiant Scalar energy will help you to re-script and reformat the Body and Subtle bodies to tap into the Infinite Field of Intelligence at the cellular / sub-atomic level. They will teach you how to truly rest into the ‘Zero Point’ and unleash the Self’s life-force for limitless energy.

Energy Exchange $33, Date: Friday 8 November 2013 from 7 – 9 pm



Meditation 2: Upgrade the 7 Chakra Systems Permanently to Emit Universal Healing Rays

In the Supreme Vibrational Presence of Sree Maa and Shri Ji your 7 Chakra, energy centres will be activated permanently through an Alchemical Initiation. They Emit the Source-Zero Point Energy, the mother of all Energies. This Pure energy pervades the whole Kosmos and yet remains absolutely still in the Absolute state. The 7 chakras will be cleared and energized to such a high vibrational frequency by their touch that they will emit a healing ray for Self-healing. This Quantum Upgrade of your Subtle Bodies and Electro-magnetic field is one of a kind Blessing Ceremony.

Energy Exchange $77, Date: Saturday 9 November from 1.30 – 5.30 pm



Meditation 3: Sacred Merger of the Divine Feminine and Masculine into an Avatar

The Twin Ray couple are a superconductor of the Quantum Vortex, they will accelerate by aligning you to your Multidimensional Self, and The Quantum Vibrational re-set will help you break free of your old stories, your unwillingness to forgive, past heartaches, assimilate old wounds, unforgivable hurts, and past notions of what love is or should be stemming from a lower vibrational frequency of your masculine and feminine aspects. The Vortex will spin you faster than the speed of light and connect you to your Avatar Self; the Singular Consciousness which is far more refined than operating from gender based dramas.

Energy Exchange $33, Date: Monday 11 November from 7 – 9 pm



Meditation 4: Align to the New Earth Reality, break the 3D Matrix The Photon Pulse streaming out from the TwinRay couple will activate the inherent Divine Human Blueprint of the Sovereign Being that you are. Kosmic Fusion® – The Truth Will Set US Free initiation received will encode your soul memory of How to live without defence mechanisms and re-inform your reality with the Frequency of Innocence. How to infuse your conscious mind and life with Pure Pristine Essence – by becoming a true Creator and Practice turning on your Grace-Body .Becoming adept in your new quantum playground. How to shift into ‘no-agenda’ reality by entering the ‘Open Source’ State and moving into ‘Unformatted Space’.

Energy Exchange $33, Date Tue 12 November from 7 – 9 pm


p.s. All proceedings will be going towards operational arrangements within Kosmic Fusion® Australia to provide monthly healing camps a.k.a. Kosmic Clinic.


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