Question of the Month

Question: Is Enlightenment a prerequisite for Ascension? Or do we begin to Ascension first?

Answer: What is Ascension process and what does the ladder of Ascension mean…if you are climbing up a mountain and you are carrying a heavy back pack, do you need the contents of the back pack that is, the past life karma etc.? As you climb higher up the mountain the air thins, we must discard the contents of our backpacks…

An Enlightenment person has dropped the Ego and past life Karma. There is no longer the pursuit of anything external. Only of being in presence.

It is the earth that is moving into higher vibrational frequency it is mostly the Human consciousness is remaining in Low vibration of it is the Karmic grid that draws one back to the dual state of separation as that is how most of this world is designed to function in separation. It is when we connect with “the semblance” of Oneness is when we recognise that Source flows in all things, we RE-Connect again with the greater collective Unified Consciousness.


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