Quantum Vortex Energy™ from Sree Maa Shri Ji

Sree Maa Shri JiKosmic Energy Transmissions and Healings for Initiation with SOURCE-ZERO POINT Energy by Sree Maa and Shri Ji, Permanent Energy Transference is their USP. Their powerful signature touch in person or remotely transmit the ZERO-Point/Torus/ Infinity wave into the Energy Field to activate the Light Bodies of the Receiver. They will activate the Thymus Chakra, open up the human-Angel Wings and re-sets axiational alignments of the Soul/CORE/ Hara star and Earth star. After the initiation the receiver’s on closing their eyes in a meditative state will connect straight to the Supreme SOURCE automatically. Where all the healing needs to be done the energy will go there on its own. SOURCE cannot be told what to do- because it knows ALL. This is truly the Multidimensional Holographic healing available to our 5th Dimensional Consciousness where the Live Streaming of Infinite Love and Light never ceases to stop, why settle for less?

The infinite quantum vortex is a pure scalar wave SUPRA ENERGY that works on the whole human body as it has the power to heal through the holograms of fractals. This Quantum Vortex Energy™ combined with pure scalar photon-wave is my personal Light signature.

By being in their supra celestial grid you will feel the vibrant and powerful quantum vortex scalar wave emitting out of them , the wave will pass through your body as it is holographic wave of light .

Human body is a replicating fractal design and so can be healed instantly with the scalar waves. It’s a must try for all who want to know what a supra energy field is. This is the best way to clean and recalibrate discordant chakras, aura, and obtrusion from electromagnetic radiations.

This healing session is especially for all who use cell phones, computers, televisions and so many electronic gadgets. During this session, Toxins are removed from the blood cells, organs as so many eat meat and have indigestion problems.

Kosmic psychic surgery is performed, all faulty genes are cleared, and brain is re-calibrated and re-patterned.
DNA activations are done, Nano level healing is done…. each cell will feel worked upon. Diamond-like material (“diamondoid”) would be infused through the pulse flowing out from my hands. This is Sree Maa Shri Ji’s energy signature indicating the current coming from the galactic centre/God head seat and Re-patterns our blueprint, re-circuiting the nervous system by gently opening the body’s energy centres and reconnects them to Source.

Many people are ungrounded due to the immense amount of stress and fear circulating in our environments, the Quantum Vortex Energy helps to ground safely. The idea of being ungrounded makes one venture into dangerous relationships. This process bypasses ‘the world’ and grounds us to Gaia / Source / Mother Earth. Quantum Vortex Energy allows you to connect more easily to your innate wisdom and discern with greater ease and accuracy.

Balances and reconnects our polarity and all systems that rely on healthy polarity.

All of the above are re-circuited into ideal balance and relationship: Giving and receiving, doing and being (active versus passive), male and female energies, mother and father archetypes, prana and apana, etc.

When our polarity is properly balanced and connected, we become powerful creators of our own reality. Shows us when we are creating in alignment, and when we are not, giving clarity in our daily lives and actions.

Energy exchange abundance $333 for 30 mins healing session

Their Powerful presence can be received via Live Audio/Video Conference, Skype or Phone Calls

Clients are also welcomed for One on One personal session via prior arrangements & appointments.



Awakenin & Transformation Workshop

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