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5D+ QVSWPP Practitioners Training Course

Where 5D+ QVSWPP Light Emissionaires learn how to Witness and become aware of the QVSWPP and how the Energies work on the healee.

Now that you emit the QVSWPP & the Energy has touched you, you have witnessed the profound presence of the one and only Source Zero-Point field, widely spoken about but rarely tangibly experienced; as it is with Kosmic Fusion. The Highest most intelligent Energy that always knows what needs to be done. Emitting the QVSWPP from the Source Zero-Point, the healing is the by-product, Self Referring (auto scanning) Spontaneous Healing. The only modality where you receive a healing while giving one.

USP of this work, One Remains invigorated and Energized through out.

This Workshop will be conducted on below 4 dates
Schedule A: 4 Day Intensive Workshop
24th September 2014
27th September 2014

Workshop Timings
• 4pm – 9pm Sydney Time
• 10am – 3pm Dubai Time
• 6pm – 11pm Auckland Time

Energy Abundance Exchange is $777 for this 4 Day Workshop

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