Online Kosmic Clinic – March 2014


Announcing our Next Online Kosmic Clinic Date [16 March 2014] with SPECIAL OFFERINGS !!

Suggested Donation $11 for 30 min session

Online Kosmic Clinic March 2014
Special Offerings for this Month [Sydney time]:

  • 12 pm – 12:30pm

          Financial Abundance – A one of a kind transmission to reset your attitude and beliefs. Prosperity is Abundance in Action!

  • 6 pm – 6:30pm 

          Creating a backbone – In general and also for abusive or ‘bad boss’ type of situations

  • 7 pm – 7:30pm

         Relationship Issues – Healing of draining (soul mate) relationships

  • 8 pm – 8:30pm 

         Kundalini Activation – Clear chakras of blockages holding you back

Energy Exchange Abundance – $11 for 30 minutes Session

Come and join us for an amazing life enhancing experience of Oneness!

We look forward to seeing you at the Online Kosmic Clinic!

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