Launching Online Kosmic Clinic – February 2014


All these years when we participated at various exhibitions, there have been many enthusiastic people who asked us, why we don’t offer healing & energy services outside such events, festivals and exhibitions. There is so much competition out there and nothing that is close to what Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse Practitioners offer, we we launched “Kosmic Clinic” way back in November 2013.

We had tremendous success in such events where people from regular walks of life could explore, feel & witness  unlimited power of Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse, the testimonials they left speaks volumes and also charged up our Practitioners to be of more help towards the community around us. One such repeated request from the visitors was to make this service available to people worldwide and we thought WHY NOT!!!

After spending past couple of months on planning, infrastructure, scheduling and putting all of this into execution stage, we are pleasure to launch Online Kosmic Clinic on the 16th of February 2014. This is going to be an amazing event if you are seeking healing or just want to feel the energy at a very nominal fee of $11 per session.


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Why are we charging?

As much we would like to provide all our services for free, there are certain administration expenses Kosmic Fusion® and Practitioners incur for arranging the online video conference, all we are doing is cover up such expenses to make this engine run smoothly. At the end of the day, Our dear Founders of Kosmic Fusion®; Sree Maa Shri Ji are working towards spreading these energies worldwide to 3rd World Countries as well so your generous contribution and donation will help us reach this dream much faster and within our times.