Kosmic Fusion® at WELLFest Exhibition, Auckland New Zealand September 2014


Kosmic Fusion @ the upcoming WELLfest, Auckland – offering Silent Transmissions. Mark your calendars for 20th and 21st September 2014 ! WELLFest Exhibition Auckland Kosmic Fusion New Zealand What is IT?

Well come over and experience your’Self’. Any word said about the powerful transmissions will be just adding glamour to our very simplistic way of living (and loving).


How much will it cost?

The Energy is FREE, but to be reasonable please feel free to pay by donation.



What’s interesting at WellFest?

Join us for the below 2 Free Seminars:

Date: 20th September 2014 – 3:45pm
Room: Seminar Room 1

Topic: What is Zero Point Energy?

Zero Point energy is the mother of all vibrations. Come and experience and learn more about  this liberating non-frequency energy.


Date: 21st September 2014 – 1:15pm
Room: Seminar Room 1

Topic: Experience Spontaneous Healing for everyone in the room

Being touched by this deep loving Source Energy allows you to open up to the inherent connection you have with Source and experience healing. Experiencing is believing.


For more information please visit Kosmic Fusion stand No.111 and experience the powerful Silent Transmission.   Don’t miss out this wonderful opportunity – we have an amazing team ready to serve!