Kosmic Fusion® Info Evening, Chikitsa House Melbourne 22nd July 2013

Are you ready for a supersonic shortcut back to Source?Are you ready to go beyond endless clearing & protection?

Kosmic Fusion® Pulsars from New Zealand Talk & DemonstrateQuantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon PulseTM (QVSWPP)

FREE information and healing night will be held on:

Monday 22nd July 7pm at Chikitsa House – 145 Russell St. Melbourne CBD.

This is a wonderful opportunity to not only understand but feel your 3 Dimensional and 4 Dimensional Dense energy bodies right there!

You may ask, What are these 3 or 4 Dimensional Dense Energy Bodies?

Well these are the energy bodies which hold the evolution of the soul into 3 Dimensional Drama; these bodies carry energy hooks, implants, past life mental and emotional issue etc.

So why not Get Rid of it Right Away!

The Art of Zen, The Tao of Beingness, these states that took strict discipline to achieve through the process of many lifetimes is now available to humanity by opening up the inherent connection with-in; to the Source.

So Now Good News: YES! You can get rid of these 3 & 4 Dimensional Dense energy bodies permanently. In a 2 day intensive workshop which is conducted live at the ease of your convenience – at the comfort of your home via Live Webinar.

Upcoming Webinar Workshop: 31st August & 1st September 2013

This 5D+ Awakenin & Transformation workshop is conducted exclusively for participants from Australia.



Sree Maa Shri JiSree Maa is one of the many Indigo Grid Masters on Mission Gaia/Tara. She is a multi-dimensional ascension facilitator, who teaches how to handle frequency shifts and upgrade current light quotient. Her mission is to align 3 earths that are EARTH, GAIA and TARA vibrating on different dimensional planes in different universes, and to activate the DNA strands, dissolve the ego-self and remove negative ET influences that inflict all incarnated souls ready to be ascended. She shares Kosmic Absolute teachings of Quantum Mechanics to help people let go of the Ascension Drama. She throws light on the Karmic Astral and mental bodies are now Obsolete.


Sree Maa & Shri Ji, founders of Kosmic Fusion®, are one of the fully enlightened DNA-activated Diamond Light Master couples on Earth at this special time of 2012-2017. The twin ray couple have been holding and emitting the
Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse™ (QVSWPP), via the Galactic Centre from the SOURCE OF ALL THAT IS since 2003.

Their Divine Purpose was revealed only on the 11-11-2011 to travel the globe and upgrade and activate the holographic light grids of as many souls as possible and train Facilitators to spread the upgrade work.

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