Kosmic Fusion® in Dubai – November 2013

Quantum Vortex Pulse Healing (QVSWPP™), the signature of the Source-Zero Point is an extremely new and powerful healing frequency and vibration brought to humanity, to assist in shifting us into the new paradigm of human consciousness post ascension.
This energy works instantly on all the subtle energy fields in a spontaneous way to reveal a bio photonic scan of our physical, astral, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  The supremely intelligent presence that is invoked during this powerful activation process instantaneously heals, the without the interference or ego of the practitioner.
in order to reactivate our soul’s vibrational frequency to align us back into the interconnectedness to ALL THAT IS.
The best part about this energy is that even if the client has some sub-conscious resistance towards it, the QVSWPP still goes and does the work at the cellular level resulting in instantaneous healing.
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<div><b>Date:</b> 21st Nov</div>
<div><b>Time:</b> 7pm to 8:30pm</div>
<div><b>Investment:</b> AED 10/- (DONATION)<b>     <span style=(Awareness seminars are free, money raised goes to charities in India)
Avail the latest in Spiritual Technology via Mini Soul Upgrades
We constantly change our phones, upgrade our softwares, download the latest apps and service our cards but what are you doing to service your energy.
 But spiritually how often are you upgrading your energy level?
At Illuminations we introduce the latest in spiritual technology via mini soul upgrades!
These are 15-minute free sessions are aimed with repairing and filling tears that take place in the aura due to negative thoughts, toxic emotions and exposing ourselves to hostile environments.
Date: 24th November 2013
Time: 11am to 7pm
Duration: 15 mins Consults for new clients
 A 15 mins session which we call a repairs and fills tears in the aura, helps boost the immune system, helps develop positive thinking, relaxes and rejuvenates the mind and body, releases negative emotions and restores emotional well- being . The supra-booster elevates and recharges the Bio-Etheric Field.
A 45 mins to 60 mins Multidimensional Holographic healing session intensively does everything that a mini soul upgrade does along with many other Advanced Quantum Light Activations.
The QVSWPP™ is the cutting edge that is revolutionizing and spear heading the Awakening of the Soul’s Pure Essence and Purpose of experiencing Consciousness and leading into Self- Realization.