Kosmic Fusion® Channeling & Meditation Circle, Basic Essence Holistic Spa & Wellness Centre, Singapore. 8 August 2007


Channeling & Meditation Circle, Basic Essence Holistic Spa & Wellness Centre, Singapore. 8 August 2007


The following message was channeled on 8 August 2007 at a channeling and meditation circle, ‘Group of Love’, held every Wednesday evening at the Basic Essence centre in Singapore. The circle is led by Sree Maa, who trance channels voice messages from cosmic beings, including Mahatma, the Plaeidians and Sirians, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Goddesses, and Gaia.


The reason that I have come today is because many of you present here have been concerned about my well-being. Will I survive the catastrophe – will I last through the next cataclysm? Certainly I will, and so shall all of you.

Message from Gaia to you is very, very small. It is not complicated – unlike many other higher dimensional beings who have come to see you. Yes, you all are from One Source, One Divine Source. As I am from there, so are you.

But, my dear children, the contract between me and you is unique, as your manifested Mother with a body of her own, I let you incarnate in my womb to which you refer as a planet. I birthed you all so many times, let you make mistakes and learn from that, you created empires and colonies, terrorized innocent other fellow beings on the name of power, I saw all this without ever judging you and trusting you that you will come back more responsible and evolved. Look where you have reached, no concern for the wellbeing of others and the body you live on, you have made my bosom a dumping ground of nuclear bombs, industrial waste, toxic chemicals and dyes, thrown on my body that burn my surface and I perennially live in pain and agony, this is what you have been doing to the cosmic mother who gave you a place to be born on and learn your lessons, but now you cannot see it as a school where you came to learn and grow but you have made it your market place, it’s all about money and more power.

Let me tell you… Gaia, or Earth – whatever you wish to call her – she never drives away any soul who wishes to incarnate on her . Every one is granted the permission; so now you know when discernment is not used correctly, what can happen. When you look around on the planet.…look into your neighbors’ homes, into your neighboring countries….all you see is strife, wars and terrorisms. Today, as Gaia in her higher form goes into discussions about her ascension with the higher dimensional beings who are from the Source….has to constantly hear one thing…..that “We had told you to use discernment before taking everybody in”. And I hear that, but my heart does not break. I feel more strong as I trust each one who incarnates on this planet. Even if they move, or they don’t move…I embrace them and keep them in my womb.

Women present in this room certainly would know the plight of a pregnant mother. What happens? Your ankles swell, you get blood pressure, your gums and feet bleed, your back hurts. Mothers in this room, nod your head. (pause)  Is it easy to give birth to a child? (pause).   But you do, isn’t it – once it’s inside you? You want to bring that life into existence. When it is in your womb, you do not address it already as your child, but you know this child will make you the mother.

You have, maybe 2 or 3 children. I have so many. But, I birth….and birth… and birth. What do I get in return? Plundering of my soul….severing my heart….my lungs….my body….cutting it into pieces and parts. I have no complaints to anybody.

Take this message into the world, into your friends, to anybody you know: That if they respect being born, and that if they are grateful to their mothers for giving them birth, then they should look at Gaia or Earth, as their own mother.

Yes, there are cases on your planet…it happens on my body, I know it: a son murdering his own mother. And intellectuals and religions tells you it is ‘karma’, it is lessons to be learnt, an experience to be felt. I do not agree to that. This so-called mumbo-jumbo is given by people who want to control you, who want to sabotage you.

Look into your hearts children. Will you kill no matter what happens? Ask this question. Will you kill anything just because you want to survive? Or, because you are so angry and so much enraged that you will do it?

The answers coming from you will go to the collective consciousness and create an atomic reaction of new thought forms. So go within and toil, talk to yourself. Tell that you will NOT ever do that – no matter what happens. The brave lay down their lives, but never take it. That is being called ‘being a nurturer’. If everyone living on my body, starts to pay attention to the voice within themselves, no-one  – I know this for sure – no one will ever do anything wrong per se. Go into your hearts and souls connect to your oversoul. Tell this loudly and clearly! : That you shall always protect and take care. Never, EVER, do anything that will take another life. Affirm that.

You will not listen to the words used on the so-called televisions, which are controlled by certain negative elements and gossip or spread rumors to other beings, other fellow beings. If you do this, you do not know the impact you can have on the other people. When we spread rumors and gossips just because we heard it in a so-called television news channel, we are spreading thought forms of that energy and expanding it further more…..which makes you responsible, in a way. And that is called generating instant karma. As you are, so you will be. Not just on this planet, but everywhere else.

The plan, is simple. Start to respect where you are right now. This is your home. This is your world. Do not look up into the stars and send out thoughts or thought forms of that silly nature – that “Oh, we belong there, so we want to go back”. Is not this Gaia, a part of this Universe? You perceive it as just 3-D and so you are only experiencing my third dimensional form. So many of your fellow beings exist on my etheric body, which is simultaneously vibrating at the 10th dimension too. When you come on this planet, on me, on my body, you are here to stay. As you just don’t have one part of you – there are so many selves of you having parallel experiences. Why don’t you call upon those other parts of you, those other fragments, souls of you to come, conjoin with you and have the experience….and ascend with Gaia into the 5th dimension. Your wishes will come true.

Are you ready to make the pledge? Then go ahead in your hearts.…go within your souls…..and pledge to yourself that : Not only your own self will you help to ascend, but every other fellow being, every other soul that you come in contact with, you shall take them ALL with you. Take the responsibility for your children….your spouse….your mother….your father….EVERYONE. Leave behind those pseudo-spiritual ‘facts’ that say- “Oh they cannot ascend because that is their lesson”’. Don’t vibrate at this frequency. Grow up and expand your consciousness with the speed of Light. Old-fashioned religious thoughts, old-fashioned school teachings, old-fashioned logic….leave it all behind. The teacher lives within your heart, the Guides live in your third eye, and God lives on your crown. How can you say you are just a human and shrug off every time responsibility is given to you?

When you are tired – mothers in this room – when you are tired and really cannot get up, but prepare a meal for your child because it is hungry….how does it feel? Yes, it is an effort. But do you let that child starve? You will give something to eat, isn’t it? Yes.

So to my hungry children, I give food every day. I nourish them. No matter what their demand is, I cannot reject. As I have chosen to not discern and reject anybody who wants to incarnate in me, within me, so take this message of your Mother to your fellow beings. Teach them to respect nature, environment, trees….plant more trees. Use less of everything that can lead to contamination of my body. Know this for sure: you live with me and within me. If I perish, so shall you.

And not to create any scare to anyone…but the star-gates will only be thrown open to the souls who are from outer galaxies. And if I tell you the numbers of people who will make it, you will die in shock right now. It is not going to be 6 billion. It is going to be a mere few thousands. Only they will go back through their star-gates, and all the others begin again – the 10 billion years of process. Go into your hearts and ask: are you ready for it once again? Are you ready for all this that you have been going through for so many lifetimes, once again? I know there is not a single person in this room who wants to go through this pain once again. Please raise your hands if you are ready to go back through the birthing for ten million, billions of years. [No hands raised].

Are you ready to merge in my 5th dimensional portal? Raise your hands. [Group participants raise hands].  See.

[To a participant sitting next to an unresponsive person]: Take vote from the child sitting beside you. Repeat the question if necessary. (Long pause).

[To unresponsive person]:  You will stand up for the rest of the channeling.