Kosmic Fusion® at Fey Fair Auckland


Kosmic Fusion®™ Trained Practioners & 5+ Dimensional Pulsars – present healing at this cozy event
Fey Fair in Auckland, New Zealand

Sree Maa and Shri Ji TwinRAY Couple and Guardians of the Supreme Source Emanations, Masters of Vibrations and Frequencies and founders of Kosmic Fusion®™, which was created to bring the 4th state – Turiya into every single soul that has come ready to be activated. They are harbingers of the 5D+ (5+ Dimensional) Earth. The biggest movement out there that can, not only clear and heal Karmas but erase the Karmic Templates all together and free each soul from transmigration and Transient’s the need to re-incarnate to learn the same old lessons over and again. Kosmic Fusion®™ encodes, activates, initiates all consciousness upgrade from 3-4 Dimensional to 5 dimensional wave lengths by preparing DNA strands to emit the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse™ 24/7. These two have come together to teach that Physical immortality is possible, and a 100% transfiguration of the body can be achieved like Jesus and many other Masters. They are connected directly to the SOURCE-Zero Point Field and channel the purest SOURCE energy only.

They were born with their abilities fully open, both had complete memory of each other and Shri Ji had got a tattoo done with Sree Maa’s name on his arm and had sketched a portrait of her without ever meeting her in person, Sree Maa dreamt of Shri Ji since in her childhood and then again when she was 26yrs. To read more about their mission to infuse the Kosmos. ? They travel the world or are meditating for the Earth; it is a rare opportunity to receive a Multidimensional Holographic Healing from them.

Kosmic Energy Transmissions and Healings available on the Kosmic Fusion®™ Stand

30 mins for $77 for Initiation with SOURCE-ZERO POINT Energy by Sree Maa and Shri Ji

Permanent Energy Transference is their USP, Their powerful signature touch in person or remotely transmit the ZERO-Point/Torus/ Infinity wave into the Energy Field to activate the Light Bodies of the Receiver. They will activate the Thymus Chakra, open up the human-Angel Wings and re-sets axiational alignments of the Soul/CORE/ Hara star and Earth star. After the initiation the receivers on closing their eyes in a meditative state will connect straight to the Supreme SOURCE automatically. Where all the healing needs to be done the energy will go there on its own. SOURCE cannot be told what to do  because it knows ALL. This is truly the Multidimensional Holographic healing available to our 5th Dimensional Consciousness where the Live Streaming of Infinite Love and Light never ceases to stop, why settle for less?

To book in advance please text Dalia on 021354243 or email at dallia@kosmicfusion.com

30 min for $30 Multidimensional Holographic Healings with the Quantum Vortex Energy™

with Dallia, Trained Quantum Vortex Energy™ Practitioner.

11 min for $11 Quantum Vortex™ Booster

with Rachel, Kosmic Fusion®™ 5D+ QVSWPP Emissionary

Come enjoy the healing energies like never before!