Kosmic Clinic In Sydney March 2014 Australia


Kosmic Clinic - Sydney Australia March 2014

You are invited to visit our Kosmic Clinic on Sunday 2nd March 2014 from 2.00-5.00 pm at Well for Life Centre, Crows Nest (Sydney) to experience the powerful energetic transmission of Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse. If your friends and family live in Sydney and want to have mini-soul upgrade with minimal investment, don’t miss out this great opportunity!

There are limited spots available.

Special Offering for March

  • Reconnect with Your Twin Flame Vibrations
  • Genetic & Addiction Deprogramming
  • Financial Abundance

P.S. Maximum 2 Special Offering can be booked for a session.

Please read the details below and contact Camilla to RSVP: camilla[@]kosmicfusion.com

Energy Exchange
Suggested donation $20+ for 30 minutes energetic transmission, additional $10+ for each Special Offering.

Well for Life Centre, Crows Nest, Sydney

Available sessions
2:00-2.45pm Session 1 (up to 4 bookings)
2:45-3:30pm Session 2 (up to 4 bookings)
3:30-4:15pm Session 3 (up to 4 bookings)
4:15-5:00pm Session 4 (up to 4 bookings)

1. “Felt huge energy flow, very relaxing, calmness and warmth, pulsing in head chakra, very thoughtful for your time and help to make me feel like at home blissful

2. “Very relaxing peaceful experience, feel a lot of sensation over my whole body, felt amazing presence and clear mind; felt tingling running out of left arm during De-Vac; thighs felt sore when got up

3. “The energy movement in my body felt like a magnetic pull. It was this firm, slight heavy pulling drawing flow!

4. “I felt deep sensed relaxation could feel energy in my body like something shifting. I saw scene, just flashes