Meditation_01Listen to Free Kosmic Code Meditation. Audience from around the world have been mesmerized by this meditation, it has become an international phenomenon since we posted it for the first time on our website. Click here to visit the page & listen to it NOW!

EnlightenmentQuestion: Is Enlightenment a prerequisite for Ascension? Or do we begin to Ascension first?

Answer: What is Ascension process and what does the ladder of Ascension mean…if you are climbing up a mountain and you are carrying a heavy back pack, do you need the contents of the back pack that is, the past life karma etc.? As you climb higher up the mountain the air thins, we must discard the contents of our backpacks… Click here to Read More

777 HARMONIC SHIFT – Love and Oneness Meditation with Quantum Vortex Energy.

[7th July 2007]

A new morphogenetic and planetary template / code will be ready on 777(7th July 2007) the etheric planetary grid will be rebooted and the new codes inserted similar to how an operating system is upgraded. The upgrading will be done in three phases 2nd infusion will be on the 16th of July(777) and 3rd will be on the 25th of July(777). The new energy infused within your Light bodies will awaken the 12 new Christ grids of the Lions Gate within your body and we will also be activating a portal to the central Lions Gate over your thymus gland. The multidimensional new energetic matrix is what we will be activating and anchoring in your Galactic light bodies…44th dimensional energies will be infused in all lightworkers which will raise your vibration 1000 fold.

Summer Solstice Meditations

[21 June 2007]

We were all made to sit in a circle and form a human Transcircle, our cosmic map which is the blue print of creation, We will EXPERIENCE the journey from being the ONE consciousness and splitting out into many to experience the joy of love and compassion through many lessons of even long unconscious lifetimes which we all passed in strong veils of illusions and ignorance, this meditation helped the participants soar the heights of Spirit. From the June 21 solstice, to the Perseid meteor showers culminating on August 12, we received codes from the source even if we were aware of it or not, new positive programs in our consciousness.


Summer Solstice Meditation Workshop 

by Sree Maa from Kosmic Fusion®

[MONDAY 18th JUNE 2007]

Summer Solstice is the longest day in the whole year when the Sun rises in the constellation of Cancer.

This meditation is a deep connection to our divine blueprint from the moment we split towards experiencing our consciousness in stages of evolution. Sacred sites and monuments- Stonehenge is a megalithic monument on the Salisbury Plain in Southern England, composed mainly of thirty upright stones ( each over ten feet tall and weighing 26 tons), aligned in a circle, with thirty lintels (6 tons each) perched horizontally atop the sarsens in a continuous circle. There is also an inner circle composed of similar stones, also constructed in post-and-lintel fashion. It was designed in a circular megalithic monument for very specific, purposeful rituals to be done during the summer solstice day, as being the longest day, it keeps our path illuminated when we journey back home. Through each slab of massive blue stone is a specific alignment of energies that are opening up of gateways and portals on our way back. It is a representation of the cosmos and our spiraling out of it for an human experience, yet fully connected to our circle of evolution taking us into the cycle of involution is this meditation all about, as through this you will come into your 2nd last stage of going back to your cosmic Home.

Wesak Festival- Buddha Poornima Meditation

[May 2007]

We awakened each one’s Buddha mind and erased karmic imprints.

Trinity Christ GOOD FIRDAY Meditation

[6th April 2007]


Kosmic Fusion® & Sree Maa teamed up with Katrena Rose (visiting Psychic at Whatever Yoga Studio, Singapore) and did a Trinity Christ GOOD FIRDAY Meditation . There were some amazing testimonials post this meditation.

Vernal Equinox Meditation

[21 March 2007]

Kosmic Fusion® brings in revolutionary Solar Light Bodies and Crystalline Energies within our physical bodies.  Being original is something that comes to us naturally and knowing these could be used by 3 & 4 Dimensional beings for personal benefits – doesn’t bother us much as Light always overcomes the Darkness. Words and methods may be copied or plagiarized but radiating this special Energy remains our Signature.

Kosmic Fusion® Channeling and Healing Circle

[14 February 2007]

On 14th February 2007, we began our Channeling and healing circle at Shelford Road, Singapore. This was in-house meditations, sharing & gathering which invited interest from various corners. This gathering was later on called Group of Love and all participants enjoyed free healing & sharing evenings.

AUM Attunement From The Zero Point Source Energy

[December 2006]


Aum, the primordial sound of the cosmos, is to empower and infuse cosmic fuel into the soul/mind/body resulting in eternal Samadhi-Bliss of the 9-Dimension.

Infusions were done through each physical chakra which are star gates that connect you to the STELLAR/COSMIC/GALACTIC CHAKRAS. SHIVA-SHAKTI, the zero-point energy, was used for construction. Work is very intensive, almost like how the galaxies collide to create many more star systems.