Sree Maa Shri JiSree Maa and Shri Ji are TwinRays (which they found out on the same day) Together they are here to share the secret that implosion is the only way out of here! Which they experienced through a spontaneous coherent merger with the SOURCE-Zero Point/Void on 9th Nov 2003.

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Look what our participants have to say about US.

From time to time we have received these amazing feedback from our participants at workshops, events & exhibitions; some of them were insensitive to spiritual energies but just went ahead with their inner guidance, knowing and calling towards Kosmic Fusion®. These testimonials say it ALL.


Video Testimonials

Sheree – On her journey with Quantum Vortex Energy™ & Kosmic Fusion®

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Written Testimonials
“The 0 – 7 experience with Kosmic Fusion® ™ opened the door to something so large, so original and so transformative that I truly have difficulty finding the right words. I felt and watched the “grid” that acts like prison bars on all of us, drop away from me.

All I can say is WOW! 0 – 7 with Kosmic Fusion® ™ .

No words yet to describe this momentous 2 day/all night event. Searching for some adequate description I can share. The world sure looks different today!

Past events that used to have a “charge” on them became neutralized, and the expansion that ensued, the vibrant pulse of the Universe began to take its rightful place.

Imagine chains around your entire being on all levels that suddenly and effortlessly drop away – that is the experience of Kosmic Fusion® ™ .

And when the training ended, incredibly the transformation continued. The power of the experience is truly endless.

If you value your freedom this is the experience for you.”
-Patricia Baker-Massachusetts, USA
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AwaKeNiN & TrANsfOrMaTiON Sessions Testimonials
Removing Earthly Karma from the Lunar and Solar Consciousness
It felt like an uncomfortably tight sweatband around my head, particularly pressing on my temples, occipital and the nape of my neck. Then I felt very sleepy and had to lie down with eyes closed. All of a sudden I felt wide awake again and noticed implosions in my head, like light fireworks in my brain. Felt no longer heavy or sleepy. This was followed by a beautiful, tingly, super energising sensation all over the body.

Ilja, Sydney
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Mind Body Spirit Exhibition Melbourne 2013 – Testimonials

It was very relaxing and I saw a lot of lights flashing in front of me. It was a very good experience for me.
Jonah (Age: 12 years)
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Quantum VortexThe QVSWPP™ (Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photo Pulse) – Shunya Bindu™ is emitted out of each person who completes the 0-7 AwaKeNiN, TrANsForMaTioN sessions. It is a natural by-product of the Source Signature. On completion of this session, each one emits this signature to encode and activate everything one touches and connects to, consciously. It is not electromagnetic healing, it is purely neutral (scalar) so free of female and male polarity. Neutral energy is like (+ +). It is spatial in nature and therefore can be everywhere in the present moment. Scanning done by QVSWPP is because of its spatial connection to the “Source”.

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4. Workshops

Kosmic Fusion<sup>®</sup>We assume, you might have already read all about Quantum Vortex Energy and Healing by now. We have tailored a 3 hour Intensive AwakenIN & Transformation Workshop especially for you if you wish to emit this Super Transformational Energy 24/7. One of the USP for this workshop is that you become Instant Healer and radiating Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse immediately, you can give healing to family, friends & clients too.

Below are the workshops that we currently offer:

1. AwakenIN  & Transformation Workshop: is conducted in approximately 3 hour intensive and constitutes 8 sessions. i.e. Session 0 followed by Session 1 to 7.

Pre-requisite: None! This workshop can be done by absolutely anyone.

Who is this for: This workshop is for anyone who is ready to vibrate at 5th Dimensional Plus Energies. In past workshops we had some of the participants who were exceptional Healers, 9-5 Office Bunnies, Tarot Readers, Psychics, Home Makers, Students, Retired personnel.

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Kosmic Wings

2. Transcendence Workshop (Session 8 – 13): is available by Invitation Only, it is mandatory to complete AwakenIN & Transformation Workshop (Session 0 to 7) before proceeding to any of the Transcendence Sessions. Transcendence Workshop is available to only the Core Group members at Kosmic Fusion®.

Pre-requisite: 5D+ AwakenIN & Transformation Workshop.

Who is this for: This workshop is for people who wish to explore Deeper Secrets of Spirituality. Healers, Seekers and Anyone who wish to know beyond BEYOND!

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3. Kosmic Absolute Workshop: One of the main purposes of this workshop is to throw light on the Ascension Drama and guide souls to “Let Go Off the Old teachings of Dimensional Evolution based on Karma.

Pre-requisite: None! This workshop can be done by absolutely anyone.

Who is this for: This workshop is for people who wish to explore secrets of  Spiritual Knowledge that has been passed onto us from ages. This workshop is tailored for participants who have scientific or intellectual bent of mind.

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4. Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse Certified Practitioner Workshop: is available for people who wish to offer sessions to their clients on professional basis. This is an Intensive Practitioner training  workshop whereby participants know & understand various healing techniques and also have an intimate experience on this Transformational Energy…

 Pre-requisite: 5D+ AwakenIN & Transformation Workshop.

Who is this for: This workshop is for people who wish to understand Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse intimately, the origins of the energy and to be certified by Kosmic Fusion® to offer professional healings.

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5. Akashic Records Master Readers Workshop: is a wonderful opportunity to meditate in deep state and get initiated, attuned through Tarot, Numerology, crystals to the AKASHAA (zero-point kosmic energy) .Kindly take out time to go through the information downstream attached. I have got the message from source-(beyond collective consciousness)….

Pre-requisite: None! This workshop can be done by absolutely anyone.

Who is this for: This workshop is for people who wish to uncover  secret knowledge behind Tarot, Numerology & Crystals. This workshop is tailored for participants who are inquisitive to understand why & how of divinity tools. In past workshops we had audience who were Intuitive Tarot Readers, Numerologist, Crystal & Rune readers and Intellectuals too!

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If you are interested in any of the above workshops then please write to us at or Click Here for Upcoming Workshops

Kosmic Fusion® – 5D++ AwaKeNiN & TrANsForMaTioN Intensive Workshop Delhi  India - [January 2016]

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Kosmic Fusion® – Kosmic Absolute® Workshop Webinar - [October 2015] - Kosmic Fusion - Home of Quantum Vortex Energy® October 2015 Join us Worldwide Webinar small


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