Akashic Records Master Readers Workshop

Akashic Records Master Reader ToolsWe bring to you a wonderful opportunity to meditate in deep state and get initiated, attuned through Tarot, Numerology, crystals to the AKASHAA (zero-point kosmic energy) .Kindly take out time to go through the information downstream attached. I have got the message from source-(beyond collective consciousness).

Kosmic Absolute is beyond duality and working with divinatory tools from a positive approach can instantly heal the receiver and free them of the Karma as u read their Akashic Records.


Verticality is Unity =ONENESS =AKASHAA

This will be one amongst in the series of many workshops here in New Zealand; we will be connecting to the AKASHAA -SOURCE (zero-point kosmic energy) and feel the pulse within us throughout while learning. They have been taught in Singapore and Australia.

All my dear kindred souls, I will be initiating all to read the Akashic field through the three aspects of divination known to us as tarot, numerology, crystals. These will be used as triggers to connect to the source the Akashic records , this is from where you can read anything and everything as all is inter connected to one divine matrix –one unified field of holographic universes. 
Come let’s fly into the unified field and open up our Master Selves


Quantum Meditation™ – INITIATION Workshop 1A
Zero-Point AKASHIC Kosmic Energy Initiations into The 33 Master Ascension Crystals 

The whole of earth is under the energetic influence of the crystal-mineral kingdom. There are many mineral specimens who have been discovered very recently and their compositions and properties have baffled scholars and researchers. These new age crystals are in sync with the AKASHIC zero-point kosmic energy and the Source has been releasing a lot of energy into them which in return is creating tension in the inner earth .This is a Special Merger meditation and the and source tells me never done before on our planet. After this meditation you will not need to buy any crystals as you will be given the nectar-essence of each crystal in your own unified chakra (field). You will be able to connect to any crystal and use it for healing.
Energy exchange for 2 days workshops $333 (minimum 3 people)


Quantum Meditation™ – INITIATION Workshop 1B
Zero-Point AKASHIC Kosmic Energy Initiations into The Divine Numerology and Sacred Geometry

Numbers are foundations and blue prints of the created universe. From the source came 0 and from the 0 came the other numbers. The Source will facilitate this initiations, attunements and activations in deep theta state meditations. Attunements and activations will be done of each number from 0-9. Including the master numbers 11-99, 111-999. As you will be in deep meditative state, the connection to the AKASHIC zero-point kosmic energy is like a wave of blissful stillness. Once you will be connected to the zero point kosmic energy you will be free of the vibration of yourself based on your birth date or birth time. You will become one whole integrated AKASHIC zero-point. U shall be able to use the received initiations to heal any karmic issues based on numbers and their separate properties and functions. Technique will be given to heal places, people etc.
Energy exchange for 3 days workshop $444 (minimum 3 people)


Quantum Meditation™ – INITIATION Workshop 1C
Zero–Point AKASHIC Kosmic Energy Initiations, Attunements & Activations through the Secret Doorways in Tarot cards

Tarot cards have been around for a long time, earlier they were mainly tools for ritualistic initiations and were brought by the Romany (gypsies) originally from northern and western India into Middle East and from there they came to Europe. We will be using the major arcane cards as doorways that will lead our consciousness back into the unified AKASHIC zero-point kosmic energy. The Source will facilitate this initiations, attunements and activations in deep theta state meditations. Which will be guided with visual imagery and brain re-patterning will be done to heal the fool’s journey (our soul). In Tarot the fool embarks on a journey-(split) falls into the abyss, and rises back up to reach his world (source).the major arcane in tarot cards have been chosen as source tells me there is abundant mystery in them, endless messages and triggers that help us see where we are in the moment and where we are headed.
Energy exchange for 4 days workshop is $555 (minimum 3 people)
Certificates will be handed out to people who attend all 3 as Kosmic Fusion® ™ 333 Master Akashic Readers. It is essential to attend the initiation into the 3 divinatory arts in order to be certified and give public readings. 

Sree Maa will be giving secret symbolism brought through the school of Awakening Transformation and Transcendence and teach how the Vertical spectrum is the way to connect with the inner intuition.

Verticality is Unity =ONENESS =AKASHAA

What I am sharing with you my kindred souls is a long stream of revelations received in a download from the “Source”.

What is Akashaa Kosmic Energy?
Source is another word for Akashaa, it can also be called Zero-point kosmic energy, and it is purely formless, nameless, lightless, soundless, and limitless. It has no boundaries (infinite and inexhaustible) and contains within it the total potential for a perfect development of our universe of forms.

In other words it can be called the Source (creator –creatirx) as it is beyond our universe. In Our universe everything is a frequency and vibration, everything is either vibrating at a lower frequency or moving at a speed of light, Aum-Akashaa (zero –point kosmic energy) moves more quickly than light .it is present everywhere and at the same time (eternal) in the entire cosmos. IT IS NOT EMPTY SPACE. Out of the Akashaa comes Paraná (Chi), life force, AKASHAA is the virtual energy-sea of the quantum vacuum. All of created COSMOS (universes-galaxies-stars) has come forth from the Akashaa.

The ancient Seers, Elders, Star-People knew the language of love and wisdom and not only spoke it but sang it as psonns, we were Human Angels that walked through all the fabric of time and space continuum. Until we were split into many different races which split into many different kingdoms and that split into many different religions, this happened due to the differences put into one’s own existence based purely on ego and the politics of many big empires and priests who sold their soul to the mechanical dark forces,

Yes this is true! As we are in the created universe and this dark forces are also in our universe far away from our reach of current technology. These dark forces which are advanced civilizations only technically not spiritually as their connection to the creator was severed long back in their own freewill plan of evolution which made them forget that they were created by one supreme intelligence(SOURCE) that has created all of us, due to this they evolved only horizontally and became masters of science and technology, they were forerunners who were instrumental in inventing religions on planet earth to intensify the ring of chaos which holds our universe together ,as they knew by study and research on our human race of what can separate and divide our oneness .

Think about this!
A few could trigger the split as it was simple for them they knew the scientific way to split human energy, that was done through disruption in our chakric system, they were successful in splitting our one unified field (cosmic chakra) into 5 different chakras brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral which are individual psychic wheels of energies rotating on our front and back sides of the body.

Crown chakra they could not touch at all but they were successful in twisting the unified field into two different directions crown chakra remained connected vertically, but the root chakra faced downward and with this came survival issues, fear of not being looked after, clans, races, bloodlines, genetics became warfare.
The other five chakras spinned on the front and back side of the body which started to work distinctively back chakras only receive and front chakras can only give, as our oneness was split we could not participate simultaneously in giving and receiving, and they were ruled by the man made laws of horizontical wisdom and intellect .root chakra was now only used for survival and identifications of mine or yours.

They could not split the plant kingdom and the mineral kingdom as even today they have vertical connections; trees receive sun light through their (crown) canopy and bring it down to their roots in the ground. In elliptical loops, a part of this energy rises from below the roots to the outside again, where it rejoins the vertical flow from the source above the crown.

The theory of universal lattice or divine matrix is all talking about the grid-template which is spread vertically-horizontally and evenly ,the theory is that we are connected by this grid that is in return connected to each individuals grid and in that we are one and can telepathically talk and connect to each other ,which is true in a way but humanity is still split into so many issues of poverty, fear and survival and that is bcoz of the split of our chakric system into different wheels of energies that is contaminated with horizontal man made laws.

Thankfully we remember one thing if not all that our true home is in a zero point energy field beyond the speed of light and out of the ring of chaos. Ancient wise ones and seers followed one thing for years and that was to be connected to each other.

It is very important for all of us to be in sync with the new Diamond PULSE which will be like a vibration that is being released into our galactic center; the source will be releasing the pulse which will be connected to the galactic center pulse which will be activating the pulse of the heart-core of mother earth.

The new grid of our 8-D Gaia (earth) is not icoso-dodecahedron and it is no more going to be the part of a degenerating free will solar system on the path of a downfall. But it is getting ready to join the zero-point kosmic energy. This will free her from the chains of evolution. There is no need to go through dark ages or destruction or collapse or pole reversal. We can re-connect provided we claim our GOD-HOOD back and find the true G-spot.

I am going to link up to the SOURCE-AKASHAA – Aum -zero-point kosmic energy and transmit it in a series of meditation workshops, this is done in parts in order to align all your split chakras and become one with the zero –point energy. Trust me all and join me in this meditative stillness to nothingness.